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Clothes with embroidery – The outfits of summer



Far from making a statement against the minimalistic pieces in our wardrobes, today we wish to raise a glass to clothes and accessories which are spectacularly decorated : clothes with embroidery.

Back in the day, embroidery used to decorate royal clothing and religious objects symbolizing high-quality garments in many ancient cultures such as Persia, India, China and leading to Baroque Europe.

With time, decorations and embroidery are transferred to common but elegant clothing embellishing evening gowns or bridal dresses worn by ladies of high society. The price remains high for handmade embroidery and all the precious embellishments, and later craft is passed on from generation to generation.

The 21st century brings the concept of “globe-trotter” and bohemian and nomad¬†inspiration positions embroidery designs in relaxed outfits where decorations with stitching, stones and sequins bring a unique look and embellish dresses, skirts and accessories. Today embroideries are more than a symbol for the traditional and folk outfits, but a creative way to add color and personality to your outfits.

How to wear embroidered pieces?

The versatility and variety of embroidery makes it so suitable for both sophisticated and elaborate outfits such as special occasion gowns, but the cool thing about embroidered pieces is that they can be also worn with basic pieces and neutral colors. This means they are easy to incorporate in day-to-day outfits and they look best when they are the centerpiece of an outfit. Use them with moderation though, one embroidered piece per outfit should be enough! ūüėČ

You can choose embellishments which are made of lace, sewn with colored yarn, crochet or applique elements. These are some great examples of what you should look for when adding embroidered clothes to your wardrobe.


Embroidered Boots


Embroidered Skirt


Embroidery Loafers


 Embroidered Denim

This season is all about reinventing embroidery. There are so many embroidered pieces of clothing, starting with embroidered denim, boots and loafers and the classic peasant blouse.

Check out our favorite examples of a staple that never fades: embroidery!



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