Baby and Mama essentials – My favorites from H&M


As I kept my baby essentials list pretty small, I wanted to buy things when and only if I needed them. I placed some orders of some new baby sets as well as nursing bras and night time more comfy bras. I love the pack sets from H&M as well as the 2 or 3-piece sets, as they make it easy to mix and match to get more outfits for your babe. I am a sucker for neutrals and macaron-like pastel colors recently, so this is what I picked out!

As a recommendation, don’t buy the nursing bras before as you might actually go up in size once your your milk supply gets established! 🙂 So use a larger bra in the first week and then get some for your new size.



Shop this post:

2-pack long sleeved bodysuits

3-piece animal print set

5-pack socks

3-piece jersey set

2-pack black/grey nursing bras

2-pack seamless bras

light brown seamless padded bra

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