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While browsing Instagram last week I landed on a post called Summer Bucket List and being the crazy-planner/ list-freak that I am, I loved the idea! Back in Spring I had already done a little mental list of things I wanted to do this season, but I thought that blogging about them would be a great way of sharing my thoughts with you and also holding myself accountable to complete these goals. It’s mid Summer and I have already checked off a couple of  items from my Summer Bucket List, but if I complete them all I will be really pleased with myself, so here you go:


Stay out of  the house as much as possible
We have e enough rainy/cloudy days to stay at home, and Summer calls for outdoor activities. Hiking, biking, swimming at a beach/lake… Even lying on the grass reading a book already counts, Netflix can wait till fall 🙂

Read at least one book per month:
Still in in line with the previous one, I love reading in the sun and I find it a great way to unwind and get some quiet time among the busy summer plans. Status update: I’m already on my second book, so only one more to go!

Getaway to Tofino
This is also something I have already accomplished and I’m so happy! ( Tofino guide to be shared soon) I had a real feel of the Canadian West-Coast Summer experience in Tofino, it included long hours staring at the ocean, beach fires and even surfing. I absolutely loved it and strongly recommend.

Camping ( or Glamping if you like)
You probably noticed I really enjoy the outdoors and camping is a big part of it! I already went once in May, but I definitely need to go a couple of times more time during Summer. I get thrilled with whole camping atmosphere:  waking up with the sun, being surrounded by trees, evening barbecues, campfires and of course, s’mores!

Wear more dresses
Enough with the nature and back to the blogger side of things…  is there a better clothing for Summer than a  pretty dress? I honestly don’t wear too many dresses and I find it a shame! Maybe it’s because I love to play with outfits and dresses offer less variety, but they are also so effortless and feminine. Earlier this season I made a commitment to invest on a few summer dresses that included different colors and shapes. I think both Liza and I get too fixed on the basic grey-beige-B&W wardrobe that we forget how good it is to vary the pallet and mix prints. Keep scrolling to see my new favorite Summer Dress!








What do you think of my Summer Bucket List? I’d love to hear about your plans too, so let me know in the comments below 🙂

XO, Carol

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    Good list add one more to keep hair healthy fit and fine while traveling because hair ads a perfection to our look. Like here what i seen the beauty of hair complete the dressing sense complete the women offer beautiful lovely look.

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