My Baby Purchases – Essentials List for Minimalists


Hi everyone, long time no update! Life got busy and both myself and Carolina have found ourselves with less time to commit to the blog, and our joint Instagram account, but we’ve been missing it a lot and with me having a baby recently, and both myself and Carolina buying our own places, we thought we can bring you along and keep you updated with our current journeys.


Without further ado, I am going to dive in my list of baby purchase essentials! This list does not include any clothes or small accessories, except for some zipper sleepers, but it’s more the things and bigger ticket items that I got.

I did a lot of research to make sure I am not getting things I would never use and actually ordered some of these after I had the baby and when I found I absolutely needed it.

Of course every baby is different, and maybe you will not need some of these yourself, and you might need other things, ie. if you are feeding your baby formula for example you might need a formula mixer etc.


The Baby List

Other things:

Cute online baby stores/brands:

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