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What BAG do you SHOW-CASE?

Digital Print Bag - Tommy Ton

Digital Print Bag – Tommy Ton

We admit that when it comes to social status, bags become one of the most visible pieces in the snobbish world of style. This can suddenly make you enter the world of tastefully edgy or elegant, and that is because you see the bag from the first. It is not hidden like the small brands carven on our watches or the other accessories.

Bags are out there, in the open, for all of us, and somehow women have developed an intense sensorially precision to spot the essential and original details.

Chanel BagIs it made from leather??

What brand is that?

What do the zippers say?

Is it original ?

Is it a knock-off, but a quality one?

All these questions perish in front of the cool Thursday-Friday bags.  The brands shouts precisely anti-status and they stand as a style manifesto against the oh-so-popular luxury brands. This does not stop them though, to illustrate them on the traditional shopper. These statement bags are available on the classic and popular colors and styles which made the originals very famous. You can get them on Asos or the company’s own e-shop.

Chanel / Balenciaga Bags by Thursday Friday

As for prices, the shoppers are not that pricy, but you end up buying them for their coolness, not their actual value. The 2 girls who came up with the idea promise that they are only the beginning of an entire statement collections. I can’t wait to see more!

In the end, you are unique and differentiate by things that represent you. Somehow, we wouldn’t want to all carry a Balenciaga. Right?

 photos Credits: Tommy Ton /

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