Sweet Weekends – Brunch Outfits and Tips to Manage a Side-Project


As many of you, we are in a special relationship with weekend brunch meetups. They’re the perfect setting to catch up with friends, wear nice brunch outfits while discovering the latest foodie spots in the city. As both of us work full time, we take advantage of weekends to talk about our blog, plan new articles, pictures and style guides.

Having “double lives” that involve “real jobs” as well as managing the blog as a side project, is definitely not easy. We learned we have to be very organized and take all the elements into account both for work and for the blog and to find the best time to work on them. In order to manage both our jobs and the blog we have set up a few systems to ensure we stay on top of things and enjoy every second of it.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when managing a side project or a blog!

  1. Get Organized – Plan your week based on the objectives you want to achieve for your work and your side-project. We usually make a plan on Saturday for what we want to achieve during the upcoming week, month and quarter. This involves how many posts, photoshoots or research we should do. We then split the work between us making sure it’s manageable and we don’t panic by having too many things to work on.
  2. Split tasks, work on your most productive areas and times – We are really lucky to share Adoreness.com between us two. This makes it easier to split tasks and focus on what you can do best in the shortest time. Efficiency is key and identifying what are your best skills and your most productive times to work will save you a lot of headaches and to maximize your time.
  3. Write things down – Keep a small notebook in your bag and use it to write ideas down for various topics. Making lists and sorting out your thoughts will come in handy when researching topics or ideas for articles. We usually share documents in Evernote or Google Docs among ourselves and always have them in handy for when it’s time to write the articles. We also save pictures and sort them based on topics and ideas or on our Pinterest. By doing this half the work is done and you can become more efficient when you get into your writing mood!
  4. Make connections – Join local events and be social! Collect ideas, business cards, follow people on social media, comment or interact with them. Being friendly and polite always pays off and it will help with getting exposure and support in the local community.
  5.  Take the time to enjoy it get inspired – ie. #workingnotworking! Although the work needs to get done, at the end of the day, life happens and sometimes it’s more than OK to take a coffee break, go for a walk, or go on a weekend getaway. This will inspire you and provide gratification for the times you will be working hard to get everything done. And while you’re enjoying these sweet times, make sure you snap some amazing instagrams.

Here are our latest brunch outfits. Can’t wait for spring!

xx, Liza & Carolina.




Liza : Zara Grey Boots (similar)  / J Brand Jeans /  Zara Sweater (similar)/ Danier Vest (similar) / vintage Hanae Mori Bag (similar)

Carolina: Aldo boots, JCrew cashmere sweater (similar) , Zara Scarf (similar) & Bag (similar), Ray Ban sunglasses.




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