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Summer manifesto – White Clothing Essentials


Pearl Necklace


 The canvas is white.

Let’s start the journey.

Write the story of the life you always wanted to have.

As summer freezes our melancholy, we become as empowered as ever to discover our true meaning and to get away from the rigid shapes.

In which the world tries to fit us in.




It’s no mystery by now that white clothing is particularly worn and portrayed during summer months. Conveying that endless-holiday vibe and a sense of freedom and escape, we have found to be drawn to these several powerful pieces. They’re so easy to style and incorporate in your wardrobe, that they will soon become your best friends…


Trapeze pants are making a statement come-back. Bigger and better than in the 70s, the glamorous silhouette is transcending to the street reality.


Pencil-skirt obsessed?  

Follow me…



The shirt-dress gets a make-over, but not in the DVF type of way.

Shirts are still shirts, but longer, slicker and tucked into goddess pencil skirts.




Catch the Goose


The sneaker dominance pushes the imagination of so many brands. For Converse to Chanel, the battle to create the new must-have sneaker is ON. God Bless Isabel Marant for the platform wedge and for giving a free-pass to dusty non-fashion sport brands such as Nike to get back in the cool-brands game.


White Summer Jeans


Daggers scarf – here 

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