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Create your own HERMES bag

Olivia Palermo - Croco Leather Clutch

Olivia Palermo – Croco Leather Clutch

The Hermes Jige clutches are smiling to us from many of the popular looks sported by Olivia Palermo and I found out that they are the cheapest Hermes bags out there (~ $ 2,000). Following the exact envelope shape, these cluthes are the perfect investment bag in the wardrobe of any fashion icon. And we don’t say that just because they are cheaper, but because now everyone can have them!

Technically that is true, for the new campaign launched by Hermes features the coolest styles where you can design your own Jige. Just like the old Burda magazines which had paper designs, now you can choose between these green-Jige clutch versions or you can try designing with pieces of leather/fabric and see how that works.

What do you think? When it comes to hand-made, I think they are the coolest items I’ve seen in a while.

We love. 

Click on the pics to download the PDF designs 🙂

Hermes Bags




Hermes Bags 2Hermes Bags 3Hermes Bags 4Hermes Bags 5Hermes Bags 6Hermes Bags 6Hermes Bags 6Hermes Bags 6Hermes Bags 6

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