Skirts and Dresses that TURN HEADS

Taylor Tomassi Hill - Paris Fashion Week

Taylor Tomassi Hill – Paris Fashion Week

The dresses and skirts of the summer 2012 season are unconventional and delicious. Even if you decide to go for an asymmetrical one or a slit one, you will definitely not pass unnoticed.

The functionality lies in the fact that you will not be tripping in the lenght of your dress, but this is not by far the biggest advantage of this style. What really makes it special is the visual effect that this pieces gives to your outfits. A skirt which is longer in the back, will most likely center the entire attention on your legs. Side-asymmetry focuses on a more dramatic and edgy style, so make sure you make the most of your asymmetrical skirts.


Don’t be reluctant to match this type of skirt with a minimalist style top for a relaxed look which shows-off your sexy summer legs! 🙂 You can even belt it and wear a cropped vest/jacket on top (soft beige leather or jeans are perfect for summer nights). You can wear them with heels, but flats also work. For a casual but edgy look, some rock booties are just amazing.


Even if they are very feminine and airy, these skirts or dresses can be highlighted by the clash with masculine elements. Think for example to the new KARL Collection and highlight your skirt with a buttoned-up shirt or a slim-fitted tailored blazer. The belt becomes truly a must-wear in this mix, as it is the piece that separates these 2 hemispheres. This way you can easily find a spot for asymmetry in your office wardrobe.

We got inspired from online boutiques and found a million of asymmetrical note-worhly styles. Take a look!


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