WHAT IS SYMMETRY – The new lenghts for spring

Fashion has the gift to show you that what was banned until recently, suddenly becomes attractive again. Asymmetric dynamics reveal the new proportions and silhouettes, so we can only enjoy the illusion of longer legs and a slim shape! Symmetry is hiding this season, leaving less stable forms, but equally or more exciting.Asymmetric Dresses - Trends
Either in the form of slit – dresses, or trails from veil, asymmetry is a key feature for the new season being played in the form of overlays – Anna Sui, Christian Dior Blugirl or different lengths – DKNY introduces various models of dresses and shirts longer in the back.Asymmetric Dresses - Trends 2012Floral print dresses – Asos (here and here) / Cut-out dress – ZARA (here)

First we noticed them in stores, ever since last year – all the Zara and New Look dresses boasting that longer back, then later worn by all the fashion-lovers at parties and for New-Years. They’re amazingly versatile, for going out to lounges and club, as there will be no-one to step on your “tail”.

The entire hybrid “maxi but very sexy” is highlighted by these asymmetrical skirts. This was the only inconvenient that was sometimes keeping us from wearing a maxi length dress or skirt. We sometimes craved for some leg-exposure, some fabric to hold when we are in a hurry… but hey, that is pretty sexy too!:))Asymmetric Dresses - What you buy

Slit dresses have become quite popular, not only during all the Fashion Weeks collections, but lately at the movie industry awards, since many of the designs by Elie Saab, Dior or Lanvin have deep cuts that show those sexy legs. Slit Dresses

The long and flowy dresses have become very popular in the ’70s when designers such as Givenchy or Halston began to dress all the major Hollywood stars. This year, the design has got an upgrade and the slit becomes the key signature of maxi dresses. Sonia Rykiel or Bluemarine even choose innovative buttons and tassels to trigger the lenghts and the layers of the dresses. Pretty cool!Statement Slit Dresses

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