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Cathias Edeline - Model - Oana Catinas

Every time I discover a dress or some shoes that I like, whether in a picture or worn by someone, I get this special frenzy! I then try to discover it by using patterns of associations which should lead me to the brand or the person who made that piece of clothing or pair of shoes. Who is “the maker”?Cathias Edeline - Model - Oana Catinas - 2

My last surprise of this kind were the shoes made by Adelina Catinas…

With heels high enough to catch my attention and colors interesting enough to imagine what I would wear them with, the shoe brand called Cathias Edeline, have messed with all the stereotypes I had about custom shoes. They easily exceed the quality we are used to on Romanian websites, where you can customize your own pair of shoes, and this is because they are created with know-how for shape and design, passion for art and a significant dose of shoe love.

Adelina Catinas and Oana Catinas

Adelina Catinas and Oana Catinas

After all, this is how everyting begins: you figure out what you really like and what you can be very good at. The photo-shooting for the A/W 2012 collection made me look inside the mind and heart of the people behind Cathias Edeline.

Adeline (21) was born in Cluj-Napoca but has relocated to Bucharest to study at the Art Unversity. She whould have definitely become a renowned artist, or interior designer, but she chose designing in the sexiest area: accessories! With the help of her little sister Oana (17) – her right hand and the model for the Fedot Collection, it seems that Adeline has just the right ingredients to make it big in the accessory world.

Pantofi Cathias Edeline - Colectia Fedot 2012

Cathias Edeline – Fedot Collection

Everything is still recent, more precisely from december 2011 when Adeline created a few shoe pairs with stratosferical heels and which are an instant must-have. Some-how these shoes make you feel powerful but at the same time they are very feminine. The chic platforms are wrapped up in soft Italian leather and the design has some metallic touches. The shades – from neutrals, to black and metallics, and the different textures – leather mixed with suede or croc / snake leather, seem to create the Cathias Edeline signature.

the novelty of these shoes also comes from the wavy line in the leather shape and the   comfortable mold.

Fedot Collection also has 2 boot shapes – one pair rock-inspired and one with a wedge. What I loved about them is the edgy look given by studs and the back zipper.

A mixture between functional and ornamental, the zippers cross over the leather in a highly inovative way – either in the front or in the back, and also on the heel.

Even the studs are special, the pyramid shape is an element which reminds by of Alexander Wang or Valentino. I then discovered that they also come from Italy.

Botine cu tinte Cathias Edeline

Botine Cathias Edeline

Regarding the prices these are nothing more than you would expect, but the quality is so much more than you would expect. Pleased?

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