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Emerging designers – Behind the canvas with Lilla Cséfalvay

Lilla Cséfalvay - Vanitas Collection on Adoreness.com

I ‘ve first set my eyes on these rich texture synergies and color effects while browsing for noteworthy emerging designers as part of my involvement at Vancouver Fashion Week. I’ve landed on a Behance profile that hosted precious design work – both graphic, as well as fashion design made by a young and talented Hungarian designer, Lilla Cséfalvay.

Lilla experimented with a technique in which she influences structure and shape while playing with shadows and adding 3D deepness to garments. All is done by using lots of fabric bands and sewing them very closely together. The effects are very artistic, a truly multidimensional painting.

Lilla Cséfalvay Bauhaus Collection closeup

Lilla Cséfalvay – Bauhaus Collection Closeup

This is how the Bauhaus collection came to life. The concept was later applied onto Lilla’s next inspiration: the richness of the Flemish still-life paintings. Color became a big component of the collection adding even more to the painting-like dresses. Lilla Cséfalvay - Vanitas Collection closeup


“This collection is based on Flemish still life paintings and their “vanitas” symbols. It took loads of fabric and long weeks of sewing to create these pieces, but I had some great help. I was happy when I got an invitation for Vancouver Fashion Week, and the show was on my birthday!

Lilla Cséfalvay showcase of Vanitas Collection - Vancouver Fashion Week SS14

Lilla Cséfalvay showcase of Vanitas Collection – Vancouver Fashion Week SS14


“I think innovation comes from trying to think outside of the box and redefining function. At this collection I developed a special technique of sewing ripped textile bands tightly next to each other. I used this technique to ‘paint clothes’ with different colors and types of fabric. Each piece of fabric is a brushstroke.”

We couldn’t help ourselves and took one of the dresses from Lilla’s Vanitas Collection out for a little experiment. Out of a still-life painting, we changed the setting into one in full autumn bloom. The result was an equally vivid conceptualization. The earth-tones and forest canvas managed to highlight the Vanitas layers and blend them in a landscape painting too.

We were not surprised.

The shapes and design are STATEMENT, yet so VERSATILE.Lilla Cséfalvay - Vanitas Collection on Adoreness.com

Lilla Cséfalvay - Vanitas Collection on Adoreness.com

 IT’S A matter OF MUSES.

I always search for ideas and icons in fields such as literature, music, or fine arts…” I would like to see my collection on people whom I respect or find interesting for some reason. My works are more ideas than practical clothing, so I would be happy about anyone who understands their message. Lilla Cséfalvay - Vanitas Collection on Adoreness.com

Photo credits: Lilla Cséfalvay, VanFashionweek.com.

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