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Sail Away – 12 Items To Pack For A Sailing Boat Trip

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”


The sea seems to be telling its never-ending story. Far from the connected crowds, it takes you on a  journey of freedom. You can feel it turning wave after wave like the pages of a book, with soft wind whispers and enchanting sunsets. Surrounded by tanned heros and smiling faces, we drift away in the adventure and reach forgotten harbors, seizing the magic of the lands and capturing it in the richness of our hearts.

Let’s Go!

First thing’s first though, make sure you fit all your travel essentials in a soft travel bag. As space is key on small to medium boats, choose items that are drying easily, do not wrinkle and are comfortable.


Check out our favorite styles that you need to pack for a sailing boat trip getaway.


1. Sun Lotion. Go for a higher SPF than usual. Water and sun reflection cause more intense sun exposure, so better be prepared. Check out: Aesop.

2. Sunglasses. Don’t go overboard when it comes to glamorous shades. The salty water and continuous splashing causes even the best quality sunglasses to be damaged. Choose a style that is chic yet versatile and easy to clean Ray Ban Clubmaster.

3. Swimwear. Deux piece would work best as you will most likely wear underneath your boat outfits and it would be more comfortable. We’re loving this Marysia Antibes scalloped bandeau bikini style.

4.  White Shirt. Long oversized styles fit boating perfectly. It will protect you from the sun and you can wear both buttoned and unbuttoned. Plus as you are in motion, a longer shirt will keep you comfy when it’s breezy   Mih Jeans Oversized White Shirt

5. Hat. We’re loving this classic South Beach Straw Hat

6. Boat Shoes. White or rubber soles are ideal. You can go for espadrilles, sliders or the classic Sperry’s or Soludos. Soludos original platform espadrilles

7.  Striped top or dress. Striped are probably the most versatile sailing and boating staple. The striped top of dress will match all your sailing outfits and will make you feel like you belong there on the sea. Asos Stripe Tunic Dress.

8. Chinos. Casual, comfy and stylish. Need we say more? They can be long or short. We’re loving the classic khaki ones, but you can also choose a more vibrant color. Boyfriend style or loose and cropped look best. Oh and don’t forget to roll them up, check out these Asos Cargo Pants .

9. Chambray shirt or dress. Similiar to the white shirt, the chambray shirt or dress is very versatile and easy to wear. How cute is this Monki Shirt Dress ?

10. A waterproof parka is a must. In case of rain, chill or windy weather, the parka is your best friend. We’re loving blue, navy, white shades, but you can also choose to add a splash of color to your outfits with yellow or red. We love this Penfield Baby blue Waterproof parka.

11. White dress to mix and match with all your outfits. Great color choice to keep the heat away and really comfortable to wear and layer. What about this: Off shoulder Sundress with Lace Detail

12. Striped hoodie or jumper. Another sailing favorite, the classic striped top is a must pack when you go at sea. Wear with shorts or layered over/under your favorite outfits.  Stripe Cropper Long Sleeve Shirt.

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