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Faster than we estimated, The Spring CEO takes control and begins to order wardrobe cleanup. The furry boots are rushing into technical unemployment and in their place, cheerful pastel ballet have been hired. They are chatting friendly to peep-toe assistants and looking towards to the strappy sandals that run errands throughout the city.

Discover this spring’s trophy workers!

Ballet Flats

The ballet flats fit for 2012 are no longer conservative. Seek those which have cutout accents or exotic leather decorated with bright prints. Pastel shades look chic if they have a different fabric or a metal cap. This detail fits better with sharp tip shoes – which are back in action in 2012. Sharp Toe Shoes

Summer Boots

You can still counting on summer boots while the weather is still undecided!  Ankle boots are probably the coolest and comfiest style this spring. For 2012, look for suede booties or stud accents and wear them in  feminine. Lace boots five you a sporty touch and adds enough cool sophistication even to a casual look.

Sandals and Platforms

This season’s favorite sandals are almost RETOUCHED. Combinations of materials, prints and strong colors create vitaminizing effects. In terms of shape, it is interesting to see that platforms do not dominate the show as last year, but leave room for sandals with thin and feminine straps. These are nevertheless boring, as they are also decorated and in line with the general trend of 2012: non-conformism.

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