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Andy Warhol - quoteI bet that this short video would not have become so popular if it hadn’t been for some special features of the viral video spread.

The Internet manages to transform any single individual in a small star in such a short time, but unfortunately, as the infamous Pop-Art master, Andy Warhol, used to say, the effect is only temporary. This is maybe because of the fact that a new star is born after that.

I don’t think this has to do only with the context, sharing platform or the wow effect, but recently, all these video hits manage to aggregate plenty of lifestyle factors, besides the quality of their “actors”.

This movie reached an incredible popularity, not only because it’s a sequel to the famous Eyebrows ad where the entire entertainment conceptis highlighted Cadbury – Eyebrows, but also because of the due to the casual and relaxed style of this girl.

It’s all about the eyebrows so it seems! This is what the beginning of the year looks like in the beauty area.

Recently, I was reading that the most wanted eyebrow style is Kim Kardashian’s. I wonder what eye-brow style does Kim herself request, or does she just say “Make this a hit!” 🙂 But obviously, not anyone could pull this style off. Our beloved eyebrow expert, Anastasia Soare strong believes that the balance and harmony of the face, are linked with the right shape, ideal height and perfect color of your eyebrows, so you need to stay away from styling a shape that’s unnatural like you surely must have seen on girls with too highlighted eyebrows or plucked way too much.

Eyebrows Kit - Anastasia Soare - Sephora

Even if I have discovered plenty on at home beauty kits, the latest innovation are these plastic stencils which allow you to adjust your eyebrows yourself, regardless of your shape and size, because there is a stencil for each type of eyebrow. In this kit there is also a special eyebrow brush, a tweezer, a brow shadow, a small comb, a highlighter pencil and a gel to equalize and balance the shape of your brows.

The Anastasia The Kit for Perfect Brows and Eyes can be found online, but also at Salons throughout your town. If you are braver, YouTube already has many directions and tutorials  Discover them.If you are the relaxed types: who gets a shape done by an expert and then just fine tunes, you will do just fine with similar products. We even found the stencils at E.L.F., the brushes at Sephora, the shadow colors to fill the gaps at Benefit and MAKE UP FOR EVER, the illuminating pencil at Benefit, the gel pencil from Givenchy or varied liners at Clinique.

The order to apply would be the following…

First fill in the gaps and create the idea of much fuller brows by using the pencil and the shadow colors. The highlighting pencil needs to be applied under the line of the brow, creating an arched shape. For a perfect finish use the brushes and then fix everything with the gel crayon.
With regards to colors…

The shade of your eye-brows should be one shade darker for blondes, or one shade lighter if you are a brunette. Dying your eyebrows should be an extreme alternative, only when the color of your hair and your eye-brows is way too visible. In the meantime, just pencil everything!

I hope you work some magic and I get to see your naughty eyebrows out to play!

Photos via: Anastasiasoare.ro, Sephora.com

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