10 Makeup Essentials for Basic Makeup Kind Of Girls


Its funny how Liza and I have so many things in common when it comes to fashion, style and beauty. Quite often we meet and realize we are wearing almost the same outfits or we find out that we have just bought the same thing from our favorite stores. When it comes to beauty, we are also in agreement that makeup is not or main thing and that we are basic makeup kind of girls (except for special occasions of course)!

With busy lives and tight schedules , we don’t always get all the time we would like for our beauty routines, so we both learned how to master a plain, simple and foolproof make up style that became our go to look.  The starting point of our beauty routines is that we both believe that less is more, and that a minimalist make up that reinforces natural attributes is the the best way to go.

This being said we have pulled together a list of 10 makeup essentials with our top 5 products for the basic makeup kind of girls!

Carolina’s favorites:

#1 Urban Decay Naked Palette “This is probably the only eye shadow palette you will ever need to own! It contains the most essential colours in the pretties metallic/bronzed tones. I always had only a few basic colours of eye-shadow and din’t really care much about them, but now I love to be able to choose from these 12 colours and mixing them up for numerous looks”

#2 Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes : “I haven’t been so loyal to any beauty product as I have been to  Lancôme mascaras. I love the effect of long but fine lashes and I can never have this same result with other brands. After my initial favourite L’extreme was discontinued, I decided to give Doll Lashes a chance and I’m absolutely loving it! It’s almost an extension of myself now.”

#3 Guerlain Terracotta Healthy Glow Blush Bronzer Powder Duo ” I really rely on bronzer powders to give me that healthy sun kissed skin (especially after moving to the Northern Hemisphere) and this product keeps up with my goal of having a natural looking glow.  Since I can be a bit lazy with doing my makeup, I also love having great and practical products combined together such as this duo.”

#4 NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ” For years I used drugstore concealers and I was happy with them, until I decided to try this one out! The difference is impressive, it really holds up the look for the whole day. Nars also gets points for having so many different colors, suitable for any skin tone.”

#5 Firma Brushes ” Something I also learned to value over the years are make-up brushes. Owning a full set of great quality brushes can really take your makeup routine to another level.  I love that not only these Firma Brushes are nice and soft on the skin, but they also come in a practical and chic leather magnetic case.”

Liza’s essentials

#1 Chanel Blush  “I just love the feel and consistency of this creamy blush stick. I am using the pink #21 shade and I find that it blends perfectly on a medium type of complexion. It’s very smooth and lightweight and has just a bit of sheer, which I like, as it’s not too visible. ”

#2 John Masters Primer Vitamin C serum  “This is probably my first and only anti-aging product and I make it a base ritual. I am always on the lookout for makeup that is also good for your skin so when I found this John Masters Vitamin C serum in Whole Foods I became a regular! It gives a slight glow to the skin and I use it as a makeup base and also apply it before going to sleep focusing on the area around my eyes.”

#3 Stila Eye Liner  “Depending on my mood, time or occasion, eye-liner is my go to when I want to add some drama to my eyes. Depending on the context I apply a thinner or heavier line and sometimes I mix it with red lipstick. I use Stila and I found that it’s one of the most durable and smudge free products out there. (Smashbox is my second favorite). I am a huge fan of marker style eye-liners as I find that they’re really easy to apply and I don’t have to always carry a brush with me.”

#4 Nudestix Eyebrow pencil   “This is one of my latest discoveries and I couldn’t be happier to have found this! This eyebrow marker/kit (it also has a mascara type of gel at the bottom) from NudeStix has became my daily friend. The colors are really good if you’re going to a natural looking full eyebrow and it’s really easy to apply.”

#5 Firma Beauty lashes  “I absolutely love Firma Beauty’s new eyelashes! The price is on point, they’re full and very soft and they’re incredibly easy to apply.  It’s a secret, but eye-lashes are my trick for a great makeup without having to use too much makeup! I usually go for a neutral look, maybe add some red lipstick and use Firma eye-lashes to boost my look when I go out.”


Carolina and Liza.

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