Mints and pinks – Summer colors

New collections are already in stores at boutiques or malls. It’s true they’re not so well represented yet, this mainly because of the fact that sales are still everywhere.

We took a look at the newcomers and the first thing that went through our minds was that regarding colors, spring is set on being pale and romantic, in fresh soft shades of mint and tangerine. Quite a lot colored jeans, joyful sandals or pastel sweaters describe the pre-spring, clothes. We also noticed raw shades of red and green, black and white office attires or dresses asymmetrical. are everywhere as well! There is also amazing colored lace on tops, skirts and dresses.

As a note-worthy element, we loved the leather leggings from Zara and H&M in cool shades of burgundy and emerald.

It’s all about diversity!

New collections - 2012 - Zara, H&M

A piece of spring @ H&M

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