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Inside Erin Wasson’s closet

Fur - Erin Wasson - Style Muse

Erin Wasson – Style Muse

Sometimes you spot people that are so magnetic that you cannot take your eyes from them, of their clothes, their unique accessories and their attitude. You are simply so impressed by the way they wear even the most basic pieces. It’s not just about the people you see in magazines or on the Red Carpet, as there are so many women who posses this fashion awareness who goes beyond brand or trends and that defines all the lines of style personal.

So many of the fashion bloggers stand as the perfect example in this case. Erin Wasson is a model, a famous one, but also one of these women who leave a mark on you. She has that effortless, aura, rock and untamable and you cannot stop wondering how she picked her clothes, looks and accessories and how cool it would be to see behind the curtain of her dressing room.

” When you can take an item out of a second hand bunch and make it interesting. That’s style to me. “

I found her in a very cool Book I’ve found on Amazon, The Selby is in your place ($23.10). This is basically a photo book that presents the homes and interiors of various interesting people from various art domains, some of them famous, others not. But the catch is that the interiors are presented with a high focus on the objects inside rather than the furniture. You can check some of these photos on the website called

Coming back to Erin and the curiosity of any fashionista to peek inside a contemporary style icon’s style and personal space. At the first look, her clothes “quantity” is incredible! She seems truly fashion addicted.

Erin Wasson - Personal style - Dressing

Erin Wasson – The surprise closet

Most of the garments she has are coming from thrift shops and vintage finds, which she then mixes by working the clash idea: old with new, high-end with low-end.

Her accessories are absolutely insane! Most of them are rock-inspired, but you can see so many the have a boho / hippie feel to them. I think they go perfectly with maxi dresses and festival outfits. Erin also loves hats, which are nicely arranged on a cabinet while they are not being worn.

Erin Wasson - Personal Style - Boots with studs

Studded Booties – Erin’s signature shoes

Erin Wasson - Personal Style - Hats and accessories

Hat Paradise

Her bags are also stacked up. Erin admitted for that she is always extending her dressing room with shelves and hangers to have everything in sight.

Erin Wasson - Personal Style - Accessories

Not just a jewelry box

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