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“Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things. Those are the one I call cultivated. for them there is hope.”                                                    Oscar Wilde

I often wonder how the standard of beauty got to where it is now, how we began to admire models, structures and meanings that until recently were completely inaccessible to us.

Starting with muses, new faces and overflowing personalities, there is beauty all around, it depends only on how we highlight it.

You could call it niche, or the synergy of some traits that suggest the idea of beauty at a certain point in time in the human evolution. The spectrum of beauty has always concealed, l’air du temps and a certain type of promotional context. Sometimes this relied on a qualitative trait, such as figure or hairstyle, but most of the times beauty was a concept, an ideal, an aspiration.

Umberto Eco seeks in his book “The history of Beauty” evolutionary patterns of beauty in painting and sculpture, but it is very interesting what he states in his book. I can not remember the exact words, but it meant that beauty artifacts are passed to the next generations through art, evident by poets, artists and writers who can find muses in the subjective experience. It’s too bad that we can not see what ordinary people, not artists, considered beautiful.

These barriers are all forgotten in the digital era. The new millennium gave everyone a voice and made possible the step by step beauty spotting everywhere near us. Fashion Bloggers, independent photographers, talented make-up artists or fashion lovers make history everyday.

This is a manifesto for all who contributed to the evolution of beauty and fashion.
Now and in the Past.

Thank them. We owe them so much.

Photos : Pretty wild things  via Fashion Served

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