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How To Build a Professional Wardrobe


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Building an efficient and stylish professional wardrobe is not an easy task. We cannot ignore the fact that we spend most of our days in work clothes (which in many cases would not be your first clothing option) so it really is important to make the most out of your dress code. Wearing a well put outfit not only makes us look nice in our 9-5 life, but also adds that extra confidence in the workplace that only a power outfit can do for you. Nailing the perfect look everyday shouldn’t be a burden, if you take some time to choose your items strategically and coordinate your pieces, you can gain some valuable minutes in the morning, in addition to keeping your outfit always on point. Here is how to build a professional wardrobe:


1. Invest on a few statement pieces

These are the pieces that will bring professionalism into your look and will be the starting point of your outfit. Invest on well-made garments such as a pair of tailored pants, a structured blazer, a polished midi skirt or classic black dress . It is important to choose quality fabrics, neutral colours and preferably a more structured fit.

2. Stock up on classic and versatile items

High-low is the key here, finding some basic items to mix and match with your statement pieces will create the perfect balance. These items are pretty versatile and usually budget friendly, some good options are plain t-shirts (coloured or neutral), a stripped top, white buttoned shirt, cosy cardigan/sweater and a basic black skinny pants.

3. Trendy accessories

Accessories will bring more fun and personality into your outfit. A bold watch can make a big fashion statement and will also be pretty useful during work hours. A trendy pair of shoes adds a modern twist to any classic combination. Fell free to get creative  (within the acceptable in your workplace) and exploit your option with other items such as handbag, scarf, jewellery and even nail polish.

4. Quality and comfort

Remember that you will be wearing these pieces for 8 hours continuously and repeating some of them every week, therefore they must be comfortable and must last for a while. It really is worth to make a good investment and not having to replace it over a couple of months. Working on a budget for a for your professional wardrobe may not be that easy, but simple actions such as skipping the Starbucks coffee in the morning or bringing your lunch to work once in while may just save you the extra bucks you need.





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