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Weekday Favorites – 5 Pieces to Build the Perfect Casual Work Outfit


During winter days, layering is essential. Whenever I dress up for work, I always use a couple of base / classic items for building pretty much all my daily outfits. The combinations are endless and the result is always put together and easy to pull of in any type of work environment that’s more or less smart casual.

The 5 pieces I always choose when building the perfect casual work outfit.

Ankle Boots. Go for pointy low heel boots for adding a bit of edge to your outfit. Mix this look with a straight over-sized coat or leather jacket. If your etiquette is more formal, choose a rounder shape with a thinner heel, to make the look more formal. Wear these boots with a pencil skirt or tailored peg trousers.





From left to right:  Acne Loma , Cole Hann , Vince Erving Boots , Lucky Brand Eller, Sam Edelman


Skinny Jeans. I am basically in love with skinny grey jeans, hence I have so many pairs already. They go in every combo and are easy to pull off with so many different styling ideas. If you’re not into grey, go for a darker wash jeans, that fit in a more professional environment. They can be matched with a cropped or tailored suit jacket and a light sweater, for a winter smart casual outfit.





From left to right: Siwy Hannah, Hudson Krista, Joe’s Honey Jeans, J Brand MariaMiH Superfit

A silky cami top or crew-cut tops. These are the pieces you can never have too many of! Invest in a few good solid white, grey, beige and black tank-tops or tops.They will make layering easy and can be stacked with various pieces of jewelry. Striped options are also extremely versatile. As a guide, always choose t-shirts that are exactly your size. From experience, I often chose looser t-shirts for a relaxed fit, but eventually discovered that they were too long/wide to layer and combine into outfits.





From left to right:  Wilfred MinouFifth Label T-shirt , VinceAsos Cami Top , Velvet Stripe Sweater

Cardigan or coatigan. I am a cardigan addict! Grey, beige, camel or khaki, I am always investing in good cardigans. They instantly dress up any outfit and most of the times can replace your coat completely. I like to play with proportions and wear a longer slimmer cardigan with a shorter or tucked-in top, or a longer top with a cropped bulkier cardigan.




From left to right: MadewellAnine Bing, Joie Nare Sweater, Daisy Street , JDY Cardigan

Accessories. Elevate your office looks with  thin fine-jewelry necklaces or larger, statement ones. Thin shorter necklaces are great to be stacked up and are excellent choices to be worn during the day. Larger pieces can add texture or an extra glam to your look. They’re also great for adding a boost to your outfit if you’re planning any after-work drinks.



From left to right: BaubleBar , Jules Smith , Urban Outitters, BP Necklace, Urban Outfitters

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