Farewell, Winter! Tips for buying timeless sale items



It’s official, Spring is finally here! We can’t contain our happiness with the warmer weather, but along with the change in season we experience mixed feelings when it comes to what to shop. At the same time that we feel excited with the new collections we also experience a whole lot of temptation to buy sale items.

We are not supporters of impulse shopping, although we are both guilty of it, but we do recognize and approve a good investment when it comes to statement pieces. Good quality items are made for lasting and there is nothing wrong with keeping a new piece of clothing in your closet for a few months if you’re getting a great deal out of it.

There are 3 important things to consider before buying a sale item from the previous season (read winter in this case!) :

  • Is it timeless?  You should not invest on a recent trend or something that you don’t see yourself wearing a year from today – tough decision!
  • How’s the quality? The whole idea is to buy something that will last at least for a couple of years, so there is no point on investing on low quality items.
  • How much are you saving? If there is no significant price change from the original, maybe you should wait till next season, but if the deal is way too good and you already said yes to the questions above you better grab it right now!

Winter is one of the seasons that requires most of our investment on clothing. Not only we need more layers to stay warm, but we need to purchase higher-end products what will last longer. Here is what we consider great investments when it comes to Winter timeless sale items:

  • Cashmere Sweater:  It’s impressive how much cashmere prices hike when the cold months are approaching. Take advantage of the sales to buy classic styles, there is no doubt these have also great quality.
  • Faux Fur Jacket: this is not a winter item you NEED, but you’ll pull out a great look if you wear one. Buying with a little discount makes it all easier.
  • Boots: Some boots’ styles will never go out of fashion; Sales are the perfect time to snatch that extra pair you have always wanted.

One last thing to mention is that spring is the perfect time for a wardrobe cleaning, so remember: in with the new and out with the old 😉

Check how we wore our statement items this winter and where to find similar items currently on sale!


Liza is wearing: Fur Jacket (similar) – H&M Jeans (similar) – Army Boots (similar) – Zara Bag (similar)  – Aritzia Beanie (similar).



Carolina is wearing: Club Monaco Cashmere Sweater (similar) –  Aldo over the knee boots (similar) -Nordstrom Scarf (Similar) – Kate Spade bag (similar).









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