Mother of Pearls - Ciate

Mother of Pearls – Ciate

After the cracked sensation and the magnetic nail-polish, which were so popular styles, it seems that latest in nail polish or nail decorations are the caviar particles. The insight came from the nail-salons as recently, the demand for nail-art has increased and many girls wanted to decorate their nail-tips with small pearls of glowing particles similar to caviar.

Ciate is the nail-polish company that has firstly brought to market the caviar pearls set (Available for now only online at Sephora – 25 $), but that allows you to created your own pearl manicure.

The applying process does not last long and is really not that complicated. All you need is a base followed by a transparent nail polish over the sprinkled caviar pearls. All that does not stick over the nail-polish, falls back into the tray kit and then it can be reused. The kit comes with a tiny funnel, so you can easily sneak the pearls back into the bottle of nail polish, in order to apply them later.

Kit Ciate

Kit Ciate

Bleumarin - Ciate

Bleumarin – Ciate

The effects are incredible! Whether you choose version of the Navy, White (Mother of Pearls) or Multi-Color (Rainbow), your nails will look spectacular for any special occasion. According to the label, the particles will last onto your nails for about 48 hours, but this time may be extended if you apply a top coat and you don’t play with the pearls to detach them faster. 🙂

Mother of Pearls White - Ciate

Mother of Pearls White – Ciate

Rainbow - Ciate

Photo Credits: Hellcandy.com, Sephora.com, Beautyhigh.com

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