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How to Always Buy the Best Items on Sale

When it comes to shopping sales, excitement can sometimes play tricks on you and you might get home with more than you planned for! I have to admit, I used to be so tempted to buy things based on the fact that they had a killer price, or that they were the piece of the season. But impulse purchases were the majority of the clothes I ended up returning or giving away, or simply not wearing. In time, I learned to refine the way I shop sales and it’s actually so easy to figure out and apply to your wardrobe too.


Here are my 4 tips for shopping sales in a smart and conscious way!

1. First thing’s first: understand what items really go on sale!

Most of the clothing usually on sale consists either of trendy pieces (for summer think mules and ruffle tops), peak of season clothing and shoes (flats, bathing suits or sandals), or out of season pieces (if it’s summer – these are coats, sweaters, or ankle boots). Although you might find items that make perfect sense to purchase, for all sale items I usually ask myrself these 3 questions:

  • How much wear will I get out of  these? This usually applies to trendy and peak of season items. If the answer is this summer, 1-2 months, or I’ll wear it 1-2 times, it’s obviously not something worth buying.
  • Is it worth spending the money now? Wound I still wear this when its time comes ie. next year/season? This makes sense to ask when it comes to out of season pieces. Most of the items you’ll find on sale might be really worth buying such as cashmere sweaters, or a high quality trench coat, but it’s up to you to figure out if you should spend the money now or wait and get it when the season is right.
  • Can I wear this with 5 different outfits? This is a question you should ask yourself anytime you buy something really, as it’s really helpful when it comes to figuring out if that item will match with the rest of your wardrobe.

2. Have a Plan!

I always try to make a plan or a little note on my phone with things I need to complete my outfits. This way, when I shop I can scout and focus on things I actually need, or was planning to buy anyway.

My list also includes timeless things or basics that I need to replace, these are always worth it as I know that I will get great value and wear from. Having a plan will make shopping much more relaxing and although you can still browse and have fun with it, sticking to your list will make the experience more guilt-free. Also, when you do find those pieces on your list, it will feel like a victory rather than a credit-card fraud! 🙂

3. Go for Timeless, Not Trendy.

Another important thing I learned when shopping a sale is to figure out what are those timeless pieces that you will wear even after the season is over. Sales are great to invest in more expensive items, that you will get more value from and which you can get for a better price. I am always looking for great wardrobe staples such as bags, boots, leather jackets, coats or sweaters.

4. Keep an eye out for those Statement Pieces!

Although statement pieces are somewhat tricky to buy, I still recommend eyeing them when you go shopping during sales! When I say tricky, it is mainly because they might be sometimes confused with trendy, it-pieces. The 3 questions above will help you determine if the items is a trendy piece or a statement one! Your statement pieces should elevate your entire outfit, they should fit your style, and you should be able to wear them for years.

A few good examples of statement pieces would be: unique jewelry, a leopard print bag, a pair of colored pumps or metallic sandals. Statement pieces look different for all of us, as they really depend on our style, so always be hunting for those items that feel like you and which you can wear for years!

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