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BOMBER jackets: Just can’t live without


Bomber jackets are one of the sporty elements that have seen a dramatic comeback. Taken out to play by music industry’s cool kids such as Lana del Rey or Rihanna and featured in many casual-sporty looks on models and street icons, these once utilitarian pieces have become as cool as sports jackets can possibly get.

Bomber jackets how to wearLeft , Center, Right

The SPORT STYLE features anything from hi-tops, track-pants, jumpers, printed leggings, loose T-shirts worn with edgier or more elegant pieces such as tuxedo jackets or leather jackets and even trench coats.

This equals the CLASH, the unexpected, the street-style revelation!

Look and apply kids!


Best bomber jackets - How to wearHOT Bomber Jackets by Mango, Noisy May, Warehouse



Bomber jacket styling outfits


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