5 Tips To Help You Stay True To Your Style

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“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” Edna W. Chase

The fashion industry is growing at an exponential rate. A few yeas back we could only rely on fashion magazines and a few other sources for fashion inspiration, but today the internet, or more specifically social media, has a huge impact in our shopping behavior and in the way we dress. We’re constantly being influenced by designers, brands, celebrities and fashion bloggers (yay!). Our feeds as flooded with amazing pictures and although we love being up to date with the latest trends and outfits, it became a real challenge to express ourselves through our clothes. To guide you through this overload of information and help you stay true to your style we listed 5 important tips:

 1. Don’t get sucked into every trend

Trends will come and go, but the clothes in your closet will stay. You don’t have to get into every trend, make smart purchases and invest on trends that are likely to stay a bit longer.  If you’re really into a new tendency ( like the 70’s for instance) try buying only a few pieces and mixing it with what you already have.

 2. Take your lifestyle into consideration.

I’m sure it has happened to you: you fell in love with an amazing pair of shoes, but you never actually worn them. Why? There was no perfect occasion, or it didn’t look quite good with your clothes. Before making a purchase you should picture a few outfits with it and have in mind at least  3 occasions that you know for sure you’ll wear it.

3. Wear only what makes you comfortable

Have you ever worn an outfit that felt more like a costume? Or, did you you ever dress to impress someone with clothes you wouldn’t normally choose? Being confident is the best style advice you can take and if you don’t feel like yourself you won’t feel conformable. Whether your dressing for a date, an interview or a night out with your friends, remember that the way you feel has more impact than the way you dress.

4. Keep a list of items you want to buy, and stick to it. 

Maintaining a running list of the items you want to buy is the key to keep your shopping on track.  Once a new season arrives or whenever you feel like you need new clothes, write it down and stick to it next time you go shopping. It’s also good to review your “Wish List” from time to time and delete whatever you don’t need any more. It sounds silly, but I’ve been doing this for years and it’s been pretty effective, specially when you have  a tendency to impulse shopping 🙂

5. Know how to differentiate inspiration from imitation.

We all love to seek inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram and Fashion blogs. It can be pretty easy to copy an outfit, but in my opinion the fun in fashion comes from creating something different. Our style is a reflection of our personalities and everyone is unique. Whenever you want to recreate a  look, try adding a personal twist to it  with different accessories, a mix of hi-low, a vintage piece or anything else that gives your personal touch!

6. (Bonus tip!)  Borrow before buying.

Your friends are there for you even when it comes to finding your style. It’s a great idea to borrow an item that you really love and try some different outfits before actually acquiring it. (Like we did with the hat in this post!)


Trust your style and stick to these tips!  Here is how we do it 🙂


Carol and Liza



Liza is Wearing: BCBG Trench Coat (similar), Ripped White Jeans (similar)Dolce Vitta Sandals,  Urban Outfitter Hat, Coach Bag  (similar).



Carol is wearing : Striped top (similar), Zara Boyfriend Jeans (similar), Steve Madden Sandals ( we love this new version),  Madewell Tote Bag.








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