5 tips for staying warm in a Winter Wonderland



It’s mid February, the majority of the winter has already passed and we’ve got our heads into spring outfits, but before we can wear our bare legs again we might have to face a few weeks of chilled weather or a trip to a ski resort that will require our full winter gear on. Plus, I think it’s never too late to share valuable tips on how to dress nicely and stay warm in the extreme weather. We’ve given you some ideas of what to wear on a snow day with a selection of winter boots and cute outfits to inspire you, but here are my 5 tips for staying warm in a winter wonderland:


1. Base layer: that first layer you put on must be warm, comfortable and fitted. Something really tight to your skin that won’t let any kind of cold air come close to you. I like to wear a warm but breathable fabric such as merino wool. In my opinion Turtlenecks are the best option as they keep your throat warm while letting you skip the scarf when you already have too many layers to put on.

2. Don’t forget about the bottom: regular pants are just not enough, you will need something specific for the low temperature. Most of the time thermal leggings will work just fine and no other layer will be required, but feel free to add another pair of pants on top if you still feel cold!

3. Think of the extremities:  The key to not feeling cold is to always keep feet and hands warm! A good pair of winter socks and gloves (or even hand warmers) will do the trick.

4. Special Shoes: Winter Boots are a must and we have a full blog post about it here!

5. Accessories: Beanies, ear muffs, scarves or even a fluffy vest will add that extra warmth and stylishness to your outfit.


Stay warm, have fun and enjoy your time in a Winder Wonderland!


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Snowshoeing Trail – Manning Park, BC


Xoxo, Carol

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