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Nail Polish 2012 - Trends and colors

If you’re thinking to publicly expose your New Year’s Eve photos while dazzling in a sequin dress, you have to be honest and  tell you, that you need more than that to get in front of your competition and keep your album sticking on  the Facebook wall. Even if you have had already made appointments for your manicure and pedicure before the holidays, do not show unprepared when you actually reach the salon. Check the most coveted options in nail polishes and lacquer trends at the beginning of 2012.

This season’s nail should be bold and attractive. I would say even magnetic, but I would be afraid to take it too literally! And this is because the latest and greatest nail polishes contain metal particles which can be modeled by applying the the magnet cover over your nails. Do not worry you will hypnotize the audience, because after all, nails are nowadays statement pieces of your outfit, reaching up to the highest level of customization! They go “hand in hand” with iconic jewelry or bold makeup.

Nail Inc - Magnetic Nail Polish

These chromatic visual effects are spectacular and perfectly in tune with the magical nights of December. (Oja Nail.Inc). The cracking designs are not ignored either this season, as they offer an edgier and effortless look. Barry M counterbalances this concept and creates a texture that is grouped by applying a pattern that copies crocodile skin.

Be creative. START your own style. INNOVATE. EXPERIMENT. SHINE AND OUT-SHINE. have fun.

Sparkly nail polish is what obsesses us recently! But not all glittery nail-polish is created equal, because some are almost transparent and can be applied over another color base (OPI – “Rainbow Connection” / or the silver ones called “Crown me already“), and others by contrast, are so consistent that fail to cover the entire nail surface uniformly (Sephora and Orly).

To conclude, we guarantee that all these shapes and sizes of glittery lacquers will look fabulous in all the party pictures that you will post this season. Crystals can give you some extra edge, if applied carefully, just a line or a detail are enough to get noticed (Nail Rock Swarovski Designer Nail Fashion – asos.com).

Asos Nail Rock Swarowski

If glitter nail polish is not quite your type, there are many other options for this month’s events. It seems that there is an intense color pallet and it’s time to take advantage of them during the decadent winter months  when the landscapes lack vibrant hues.

Go for all the rich jewel tones: amethyst, emerald ( OPI – “Cuckoo for this Color”ORLY – “Le chateau”), graphite, ruby ( Revlon – N°570 Vixen), violet, black or navy if you want to fit in, but don’t always play by the rules, daring and experiment once in a while with bright reds (H&M – Red).

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