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White Sensation - 2011 - Amsterdam

White Sensation – 2011 – Amsterdam

If a big spring event is announced, it is essential to draw our inspirations from the outstanding collections of the season and reinterpret them for this sensational party. Although I have attended other theme parties held by clubs, White Sensation, seems to be the best event where you can sync your outfit to Source of Light.

White Sensation Girl

White Sensation – 2011 – Amsterdam

Reminiscent of neon lights that made white otfits magnetic, the nights in Amsterdam reveal appearances ranging from casual to chic, but also glam. There really is no limit regarding the level of polish one must under-take, as this somehow depends on your own personality. One thing is certain, no matter how you dress, the event is too interesting not to feel good and have fun.

White Sensation Hostes GirlIf you however want to be glowing in the photo albums and make this evening a truly memorable, you could come up with something different! We believe in a well chosen outfit! This is electrifying and energizing and makes any good party even better.

One-shoulder dresses, torn white jeans, over-sized T-shirts, bodysuits with mesh inserts or metallic platforms are just some of the pieces that can set you apart from the crowd and that can give you the quelque chose regardless of your style

And beyond clothes, another thing that should not be ignored are – ACCESSORIES!

Crystallized Decisions  White works like a charm whether it’s on clothing or accessories. This rule applies even more this spring as white pieces are found in almost all of the new collections.

There are probably already many pastel elements in your wardrobe, therefore, for an evening that will be intoxicated by all-white elements, you can choose a deux-piece outfit. Match your favorite tops and shirts with pleated dresses or jeans and shorts (denim, lace).White Sensation - what to wear

If you already have in mind a white skirt or pants, you can highlight them with a statement shirt or blouse. Metallic details are some-what permitted and also some print. The key is to keep it down. If you want something more spectacular, like embellishments, studs or prints, try to balance the outfit with less prominent accessories.White Sensation Tshirts

When it comes to choosing a dress in which you can dance at the white ball, there are many notable and exciting items! Our favorites are the one-shoulder dresses or with a structured form, but you can not go wrong even if you choose a lace dress or “A”-line dress.

You can match the dress with a jacket or a white jeans vest, or even silver or beige leather. If the dress is simple, rely on statement shoes and accessories to transform your party outfit and make it more dramatic / eccentric – try fancy earrings, bracelets or necklaces plastic statement of several strands.

White Sensation - Dusseldorf - 2011

White Sensation – Dusseldorf – 2011

White Dresses

All these outfits for White Sensation or white themed parties go perfectly with the spring – summer shoes.  If you are the casual type you’ll feel great in comfy shoes – sneakers, flats or summer boots. Even ankle boots are not a bad choice, as these can complement looks with dresses, jeans or shorts.

If you’re the bold type, then platforms or wedges are for you. Try usual designs – white, beige or gray are good, or find inspiration in styles with metallic accents (heels, straps, studs).

Accessories are always the most exciting detail in a party outfit and that is because you can express your creativity without limitations. Hair accessories are a chic and bohemian idea for concerts and parties. Choose from many head-bands or scarf-bands, or metal clips. These can be decorated with floral accents  and embellishments.

For a cool look, borrow summer styles and layer multiple bracelets, choose a hat or a scarf or wear funky sunglasses. If you want to use accessories at their full potential, take an eclectic approach and wear elegant jewelry, such as statement necklaces, to a simple outfit. Keep in mind that the golden rule is this – either minimalist or layered.

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