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A series of flashbacks from movies or books, reveal the constant whirl and high-pace from newspaper and magazine offices. The competition is fierce, getting access to HOT information is essential and exceptional people are fully exploited. I do not think things are so bad as in “The Devil Wears Prada”, but I must admit that I have my curiosities about the people and the life in the glossy magazine offices. Are the cool, the eccentric, the tyrants, the posh or the stylish well represented? I would say yes … there’s a bit of all.

Vogue.com clears the mystery and reveals some the real people that work at the magazine. The latest character is Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis, blogger, vogue style editor and princess. Yes, your heard me. To our great excitement, Elisabeth is a German royalty. But even if this sounds amazing, in the fashion business, personal style is the one element that really sets you apart… and not so much the crown.

The outfits chosen by Elisabeth are mature, but cheerful and personalized. Although many looks have less affordable items – the shinny bright coral shoes from Miu Miu, Mini-Balenciaga bag, Louis Vuitton shirt,  or the purple Dries van Noten boots, they are well-assorted with plenty of basic elements such as white men’s shirt, leather pants or the vintage fur vest.


Color is a must! For winter looks, deep emerald tones (the suede emerald Miu Miu clutch), colored jewels or berry nail-polish make the perfect style for this magazine-princess. We particularly loved the silk shirts and the way these are embedded in office outfits. The lace bras worn under transparent fabrics are such an interesting touch and “decent-sexy”.Smart Casual - Office Outfit

Digital prints are recently main-stream, Mary Katrantzou teams up with Topshop, but also bigger retailers such as Zara or H&M, show more affordable options. for tribal, abstract or floral prints. Try wearing prints with soft and transparent fabrics and accessories which follow one color of the pattern. You can also clash and wear bold tones such as pink or orange, for a more daring look.

Last, but not least, for a truly luxurious look, choose elegant and discreet jewelry in a golden tone. And don’t forget the golden rule: less is always more.

Photo Credits: Vogue.com

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