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Sweater Weather: Fall Essentials

Fall has the unique talent of taking us by surprise with golden sunsets, gradient leaves and breezy evenings. As the new season settles in our hearts and in our minds, we always add classic fall staple items like cozy sweaters, ankle boots, vests or jackets in an attempt to hold on to our summer looks! #summerlovers 🙂

This is why layering is our favorite winter sport and our main go to look thin the fall winter seasons. 🙂  Where we are, in Vancouver, it doesn’t get extremely cold in the winter, so we find it’s easier to wear these layered looks throughout the winter.

First thing’s first: Invest in some good cozy sweaters than you can add on top of your shirts , tops and even wear with thinner trench coast or jackets.

Here are some of our favorite sweaters this season!

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