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Cambridge Satchel Company Bags

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You can try it yourself. A google search for “Cambridge Satchel” will reveal juicy images with bloggers who carry these bags with a touch of retro cool, created by The Cambridge Satchel Company. Julie Deane, their designer, was inspired by Harry Potter and children who do not want only school bags, but cool bags. Space was also a requirement, especially for school, so the satchels come in inch sizes as monitors do: 11 “, 13 “14” and 15 “! For fashion lovers, these bags have become the most versatile accessory! For day or evening, the Cambridge can carry more and less, as needed.

Cambridge Satchel Company Bags - 2

Cambridge Satchel Company – various colors

The colors were originally quite conservative: black, brown, gray, beige…but then metallic shades were incorporated and recently I saw the neon verstion that are part of the Fluo collection. Prices revolve around 85-150 pounds depending on various sizes and colors. There are many similar versions and perhaps you’ve seen similar versions on or in various stores, but most of them are eco-leather. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but the level of quality and persistence, authentic materials have several benefits.

Cambridge Satchel Company Gold Bags - 2

Gold Cambridge Satchel Company Gold Bag

For example, an owner of a gold Cambridge leather bag, says that time made the texture and color look even better than when she bought it two years ago. It is interesting to discover how we leave a mark on the things we carry, and how we voluntarily or not, personalise them and make them “ours”. A sort of personal stamp of style.

Doina Ciobanu - The Golden

Doina Ciobanu – The Golden

As style guides for these bags, go for metallics or white models and transform your outfit into an edgy and versatile one. Wear your bag with black, white or bold color accessories. If you are more bold, neon colors are the perfect choice for summer! Wear them with anything but don’t over-shine them with other statement pieces, let them have center stage.

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