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At first glance, seems like a miraculous oasis of clothing, accessories, shoes and cosmetics. Many of the products are in-house collections such as Black Asos, Asos Premium Collection or Asos, but there are also many other brands (Aldo, Oasis, French Connection, Vero Moda, River Island) and famous designers (MCQ, Michael Kors, Missoni, Vivienne Westwood, Zadig and Voltaire).  There still are people who have their doubts about online shopping on an European e-shop, but we are here to make this simple.


Create an account and subscribe to the Asos newsletter. This way you will get the most important offers and discounts in your inbox. Asos always has some kinds of category that benefits of sales, but there are also multiple discounts for different holidays or mid-season sales, where prices are usually significantly lower.Asos Sales

Browse wisely. Asos has perhaps one of the most flexible navigation I’ve seen in online stores. The site is divided into categories, collections and has navigation by trends and news. You only see what’s on sale if you select Sales or Outlet (only the foreign brands are included here). What is particularly useful is that you can filter out (by size, price, color) and sort (by price ascending, descending or after what’s new). Asos Saved Items

Add to Saved Items” the things you like. The Wish-list in your Asos can bookmark a product for 30 days. This is not reserved, and it depends on the existing stock. For example, if you like 10 things, but do not want to buy everything at once, you can keep some in the Saved Items section, from where you can access them later. The best thing to this feature is that you can check from time to time to see if the products you have added have been discounted in the meantime. It’s like a store that has everything you like and what you intend to purchase at some point. Note, however, that the traffic of the website is quite high and the most coveted products go fast.

Ordering and Paying

Fill in the correct address and phone number. Create an account and fill-in all the fields. Do not forget your phone number and ZIP code. If you want to order at your office address and want to share the delivery cost with several colleagues (as we do), add the address and company name and floor. It will be easier for the package to get to you.

Add method of payment. Assos accepts any card. I tried and guarantee for Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard, but also for other payment (eg credit card or Paypal). Although the currency was local, is automatically converted to GBP/USD – and there is really no big difference.

Choose method of delivery of the package. Because it is a site that delivers all over the world, prices for transport are more than convenient!

If you choose Standard Delivery, the delivery is free and your package comes to the post-office that belongs to the address you have chosen. The delivery time is within 2 weeks. The only drawback is that this delivery method can not be monitored. For the orders that I’ve placed where I selected this delivery, I experienced only 1 situation when that the package has not arrived. In this case, I contacted the site and I said I did not receive the package. Their promise to respond within 4 hours on any question related to a parcel, and they usually solve the problem by sending another replacement order. Although I do not know if and how Asos recovers these packages that have never reached the recipient, the fact is that this doesn’t impact the customers – the company knows if you picked up a package according to records from the Post Office or Royal Mail (United Kingdom).

For Express Delivery, you will be treated as a VIP if you pay £ 10, and the package will be delivered by carrier within a week. The courier service is used by DPD Pegasus. This type of delivery can be tracked and you can follow the cities where the package has been received before it gets to you. So, this method of delivery is very reliable. If you think that maybe it’s not worth paying £10 for delivery, this about splitting the delivery costs with a friend or some colleagues. It becomes very affordable. 

Placing an order

Look at the products. Because you cannot touch or try the products, it is very important to think twice. Before you order certain goods, especially the more expensive ones, I think it’s better to do some in store research beforehand. Go and touch some fabrics, read the labels and know your prices. Questions such as: Is it worth paying this much? Could this be my size? Is this farbic too transparent/ thin? – become justified we are talking about a designer piece or other expensive one.

Essential details. Once you have decided to buy a particular product, check the detailed description, all the pictures and the video. They will give you an idea about the fit and the feel of the item. The composition of the product is the one that makes the difference. In terms of texture, you want to read description and see if the product has lining or cups or other details they are usually mentioned. Try looking at clothing items with higher quality fabric – cotton, silk, organza, brocade, leather shoes and bags. There are lots of leather shoes to buy at good prices during sales. Asos Product Details

Sizes. Keep in mind the fact that models have a height of 1.75m to 1.80m and they are usually dresses in  UK size 8 – 36 EUR. What is essential is the type of the cut. For example, if a very tight blouse or top fis the model just fine, then go for a larger size instead of 8 UK 36, take 10 UK – 38 so that you will be sure it will fit you and will not be too small (eg shown in picture above). This also works vice versa: for a large style, if you are in doubt about two sizes, choose the smallest one. The safest is to measure yourself and see if you fit the dimensions of the product from the site. You can also consult and guide measurements Size Guide” to see equivalent measurements from the US.

Good luck! 🙂

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