Living Spaces – Why I Said Goodbye to Flowers and Hello to Potted Plants

I’ve always been absolutely in love with flowers in all shapes and sizes, all colors and fragrances. In the last couple of years, I’ve even been a regular flower bouquet buyer. Come weekend I would make it a must in the usual brunch rush. I love to see flowers in my house, beautifying my makeup table, end-tables or the coffee table in my living room. I’ve been decorating my place recently and with new things I’ve added here and there, I felt the need for a more permanent green element.

So lately, instead of seeking clothing stores, I’ve been browsing green houses. It’s funny how our focus changes and refines through the years and we end up liking things we’ve never looked at that carefully before. New times bring new ideas and in this particular situation it made me completely reconsider my current living space.

Potted plants and apartment plants in general, are not nice to have, they also have the coolest benefits. First of all, compared to flower bouquets that are alive for just about a week, potted plants last longer! (If you take care of them that is, I am still to discover why my orchid hasn’t bloomed for ages).

Apartment plants such as cacti and succulents and other big leaf types also make your house friendlier, they go perfectly with neutrals and they improve the air quality by producing oxygen. I really like how the approach to apartment plans has changed throughout the ages and there are lots of ways to decorate with plans nowadays.

These are some of my favorite ways to decorate your house with plants.

The Bookcase Guest


The Shelf Accompliceapartment-plants-design-ideas1

It’s a partyapartment-plants-design-ideas1

A piece in the puzzle


Welcome to the Playground


The Usual Suspects

anthropologie-planter-animalsAnthropologie – Wild Wanderer Planters

The Green Backdropapartment-plants-design-ideas1

Can you see me?apartment-plants-design-ideas1

You sure can see me now!apartment-plants-design-ideas1

Perfect Cornerapartment-plants-design-ideas1

The Green Wrapperapartment-plants-design-ideas1

Look Upapartment-plants-design-ideas1

Lean on Meapartment-plants-design-ideas1

Take me to the Spaapartment-plants-design-ideas1

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