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CUT-OUT ENSEMBLES – The new outfits

The 2-piece outfit has reinvented itself with every decade of fashion and successively embedded the latest ideologies. Used primarily to define the body and emphasize the hourglass shape and wasp waist,  the bustier, brassiere, or the corset began to make its appearance in e deux-piece combinations such as bodice dresses and coordinated jackets.

Along the years, we should mention as well the suit ensembles inspired by Jackie Kennedy, or the short and cropped  Chanel-type of jackets, who were the daily outfits of our grandmothers or mothers to the most awesome parties! The 80’s and 90’s brought some freedom from the conservative shapes and things began to be headed towards the boyfriend suit with shoulder-pads, but with an over-sized casual form.

The NEW CLASSY has been redefined over the years.

And for us, it’s all an experiment of our own personal style. Deux-piece stamps every outfit. 

Suits can be anyhow, if you know how to wear them.

This is to show that cut-out styles, boyfriend or lingerie as outerwear do not have well-defined limits, everything is allowed, as long as it is stylish or statement. The results are either new outfits from skirts and bustier made of the same or complementary materials, or cut-out dresses. Either way, the time is now, get sexy!

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