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CR Fashion Book by Carine Roitfeld

Carine Roitfeld - CR Magazine

“I turned page, it’s time to find something new, something fresh – for me and for readers.”

The new direction chosen by the ex-editor in chief of Vogue France, is not just rumored anymore, but we already have “on paper” evidence. Carine Roitfeld‘s bi-annual publication called Fashion CR Book is described as a “celebration of fashion and creativity” that will reunite many new and promising names in the fashion industry such as photographers, models, stylists and journalists.

At a price of only 10 USD, readers will be getting an impressive deal: 288 pages printed in 50,000 copies, which are intended to inspire and help remove barriers in the world of fashion magazines.

CR Fashion Book - Carine Roitfeld

CR Fashion Book – Carine Roitfeld

I always like when famous people from any industry step off on their own paths. There’s nothing more inspirational and aspirational.

It seems like all fashion houses contacted by the ex-editor are interested in participating in this change, especially since Ms. Roitfeld describes the slogan “think differently”.

Innovation is the depth of the content of the magazine and each number will be based on a theme, a current obsession of music, film and art. For example, in the first issue, the models are found to be looking at their mirrored reflection like the French film of William Klein’s – “Who Are You, Polly Magoo?”

The pages or the magazine will contain only 2 page spreads and larger articles, timeless pieces that people will want to keep them and browse from time to time. Carine’s contribution will also reflect in the stylistic level, photo-shoots and editorials are described by the author: “They will always be edgy. Maybe they will be more mental than physical”.

CR Fashion Book - Carine Roitfeld - Icons

CR Fashion Book - Carine Roitfeld - Issue 0

This project will however, not be exclusively in the editor’s attention, she will continue to work with Riccardo Tiscali – the Givenchy designer as fashion stylist and also style campaigns for brands like Max Mara or Chanel. Carine Roitfeld is also the subject of a documentary about backstage fashion, which tracks her lifestyle at fashion parties and events and during the development of the CR magazine. CR Fashion Book - Carine Roitfeld - Mirror


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