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Christmas Gift Guide – It’s that time of the year!

The only thing better than receiving a gift is giving someone a present and seeing their happy faces as they unwrap the package. It’s even better when you know that you’ve nailed it and picked the perfect gift for that special someone. Well, it’s that time of the year again! Christmas is right around the corner and we can’t help to feel excited for all the great Holiday Party Outfits and yet a bit worried that we will able to shop for everyone in our list. For this reason we created Gift Guide that will leave no one behind!

Whether you’re shopping on a budget or looking to splurge, you will find your gift here! We’ve got you covered with options for your dad,  boyfriend or husband, your mum or sister, best friend, co-worker and of course the kids! Keep scrolling to check our guide and start crossing out your Christmas List. We hope you will adore the items as much as we do!


Gifts for the Fashionista


1. Faux Fur Coat , 2. Hat, 3. Rings, 4. , Jacket, 5. Cross-body Bag, 6. Dress, 7. Lipstick, 8. Gloves,  9. Cuffs, 10. Beanie, 11. Lace up Heels


Gifts for the Jetsetterjetsetter-gift-ideas

1. Note Book, 2. Backpack, 3. Book, 4. Sneakers, 5. Instant Camera, 6. Sunglasses,  7.Travel bag,  8.Calendar, 9.Blanket Scarf, 10. Beanie, 11. Watch


Gifts for the Beauty Queenholiday-gift-ideas-beauty-makeup-pink

1. Eye Shadow Palette, 2. Earrings, 3. Nail Polish Set, 4. Make Up Brushes, 5. Facial Mask, 6. Pajamas, 7. Candles
8. Perfume, 9. Make up Bag, 10. Dress, 11. Necklace.


Gifts for the Fitness Chick


1. Vest, 2. Water Bottle, 3. Cook book, 4. Headphones, 5. Fashion Sweatshirt, 6. Runners, 7. Yoga Mat, 8. Gym Bag
9. Sports Bra, 10. Motivational Sweatshirt, 11. Fit Bit


Gifts for Gentlemen


1. Wallet, 2. Gloves, 3. Tie Bar, 4. Backpack, 5. Book, 6. Beard Lotion, 7. Beanie, 8. Sweater, 9. Dress Shirt,
10. Scarf, 11. Belt


Gifts for the little ones


1. Rocking Horse, 2. Book, 3. Boots, 4. Socks, 5. Winter Jacket, 6. Clock, 7. Tent, 8. Sleigh, 9. Hat, 10. Pajamas
11. Stuffed Animals

Now that the gifts are all sorted out, how about some holiday party outfits and don’t forget about keeping warm and cozy with the season’s best winter essentials and a blanket scarf.

xo, Carolina & Liza

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