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3 Things To Keep in Mind When Doing a Fall Juice Cleanse


As seasons change we are faced with the task to adapt our routines for every aspect of our lives: the things we do, places we go to, how we dress and even the way we eat. With the beginning of fall it is time to leave behind the long night barbecues, the popsicles by the beach and Sangrias at the patios. It is also the moment to boost our immune system for the chilly months and invest in a healthier diet to prevent colds and other discomforts that winter might bring. A Juice Cleanse is a great way to jump-start wholesome habits and regain balance of your diet.

After reading about it for quite some time, I decided to take action so I joined some co-workers with similar goals and we’ve started a 5 day juice cleanse on the first week of November. The timing couldn‚Äôt be better, as after all those special indulgences on Thanksgiving and Halloween I felt like I needed a break from heavy food and bad eating habits! ūüėČ

This was my second time juicing, last Spring¬†I’ve also completed a 3 day cleanse and since then I became a frequent consumer of cold pressed juices.¬†I love how the combination of fruits and vegetables can be refreshing and satisfying! I have to admit that some juices taste better than others and unfortunately we cannot drink only our favorites during the detox days, but I had mostly a good experience and felt great after my 5 Day Fall Juice Cleanse.


Keep scrolling to see the my  Snapchat diary of the
 Juice Cleanse Day #1 :

If you’re interested on trying it out, seek more information from the store where you will purchase, they will be able to provide more details of how it works¬†(I got mine from The Juice Truck in Vancouver).


Here are 3 tips that will help you successfully complete a juice cleanse:

1. Baby Steps:

If you are not confident, start with a 3 day juice cleanse to get familiar with the juicing routine. You can also buy juices individually to test the waters.


2. Keep a Healthy Mindset:

Avoid thinking too much about your favourite food during the cleanse and focus on keeping up with healthy habits. This will help you fight cravings!


3. Manage Your Hunger:

If you still feel like biting something after the juices , raw food is totally ok to eat. I like to stick with nuts along the day and a leafy green salad with avocado at night if I feel like having a full meal.

It’s important to say that you shouldn’t expect any expressive weight loss; it is about giving a pause to your digestive system and kick-starting healthier habits, not losing weight!  Also, make sure to ask your doctor that you are suitable for a juice diet.


Extra shot of motivation!

juice-cleanse-tips-7Try new juice recipes.

Get active with a cute outfit.


Hydrate using a fruity  hand cream and lip balm.


Skin detox while sleeping.

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