Baby and Mama essentials – My favorites from H&M


As I kept my baby essentials list pretty small, I wanted to buy things when and only if I needed them. I placed some orders of some new baby sets as well as nursing bras and night time more comfy bras. I love the pack sets from H&M as well as the 2 or 3-piece sets, as they make it easy to mix and match to get more outfits for your babe. I am a sucker for neutrals and macaron-like pastel colors recently, so this is what I picked out!

As a recommendation, don’t buy the nursing bras before as you might actually go up in size once your your milk supply gets established! 🙂 So use a larger bra in the first week and then get some for your new size.



Shop this post:

2-pack long sleeved bodysuits

3-piece animal print set

5-pack socks

3-piece jersey set

2-pack black/grey nursing bras

2-pack seamless bras

light brown seamless padded bra


My Baby Purchases – Essentials List for Minimalists


Hi everyone, long time no update! Life got busy and both myself and Carolina have found ourselves with less time to commit to the blog, and our joint Instagram account, but we’ve been missing it a lot and with me having a baby recently, and both myself and Carolina buying our own places, we thought we can bring you along and keep you updated with our current journeys.


Without further ado, I am going to dive in my list of baby purchase essentials! This list does not include any clothes or small accessories, except for some zipper sleepers, but it’s more the things and bigger ticket items that I got.

I did a lot of research to make sure I am not getting things I would never use and actually ordered some of these after I had the baby and when I found I absolutely needed it.

Of course every baby is different, and maybe you will not need some of these yourself, and you might need other things, ie. if you are feeding your baby formula for example you might need a formula mixer etc.


The Baby List

Other things:

Cute online baby stores/brands:

Most Wanted

Hoodie Outfit Combos We Can’t Stop Wearing

denim jacket and hoodie outfit
It’s cozy season and we are feeling it here in Vancouver! With rain being in the forecast for 90% of the time, we feel the need to wrap ourselves in the coziest outfits! We’ve been wearing hoodies a lot lately! (we know, not the most fashionable!) but we’ve found some ways to dress them up and we love the looks for casual office environments or weekend coffee shop working! Continue Reading


My 5 Fall Key Items


Fall is just my favorite season when it comes to dressing up.  I love specially early in the season when the trees are changing colors, the crispy weather starts rolling in but the sun is still shining in the sky. Not only it is beautiful outside, but everyone also starts dressing nicer on the streets. It’s the perfect time of the year to wear cozy sweaters and stylish accessories before it starts getting cold for real and we need a coat to cover it all! When it comes to me, one of the things I like most is how easy it is to pull off an effortlessly chic look.

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Fall Colors and Prints

Fall is here and although we had an amazing summer we always welcome October with bittersweet feelings! Yes, we are excited for fall colors with leaves turning bright, welcoming pumpkin season, rich farmer markets, cozy scarves and ankle boots, but we’re also a bit sad that “winter is coming”.

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Canada Travel Guides

Tofino – A Complete Travel Guide


I’ve been delaying this post for almost 2 months and although the timing might not be the best, I feel like I have an obligation to share on the blog my tips for one of my favorite places in BC, the breathtaking Tofino . My first time visiting there was in March 2013 and even with the cold/rainy weather I fell in love with the place! Going back in the Summer had been on my bucket list ever since , so you can only imagine how thrilled I got when we decided, out of the blue, to take a few days off in July to enjoy this little paradise.

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