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    Fashion Deals For Fall

    Among the perks of having a fashion blog is being in the loop and keeping an eye out on what’s on sale this season and what fashion deals are happening every month or week!…

  • Most Wanted

    Fall Capsule Wardrobe

    Following the success of our Spring Capsule , we decided to use the same model for the upcoming season. Planning ahead the items that are a good investment and creating a list of go to…

  • Most Wanted

    Favourite Sandals for Summer

    It’s finally Summer, the best time of the year in my humbled opinion. 🙂  I love everything about it: longer days, blue skies, weekends at the beach and of course, summer clothes! It feels…

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    4 Must-Have Denim Pieces for Spring

    Flare jeans – Slim Boyfriend Jeans – Buttoned Skirt – Shirt Dress We all have a soft spot in our hearts for denim. If there is one piece of clothing that literally EVERYONE wears,…