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    My 5 Fall Key Items

    Fall is just my favorite season when it comes to dressing up.Β  I love specially early in the season when the trees are changing colors, the crispy weather starts rolling in butΒ the sun is…

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    Fall Colors and Prints

    Fall is here and although we had an amazing summer we always welcome October with bittersweet feelings! Yes, we are excited for fall colors with leaves turning bright, welcoming pumpkin season, rich farmer markets,…

  • img_6977.jpg

    Summer Stripes

    I think there’s nothing more versatile for me than the classic dark and white stripe top. Initially such a French wardrobe staple, the Breton top has evolved into a must have wardrobe item that…

  • Summer-bucket-list

    Summer Bucket List

    While browsing Instagram last week I landed on a post called Summer Bucket List and being the crazy-planner/ list-freak that I am, I loved the idea! Back in Spring I had already done a…

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    It’s The Little Things in Life

    We visited the Abbotsford Tulip Festival a couple of weeks ago and it was love at first sight! Being surrounded by rows and rows of colorful tulips was so breathtaking and made me feel…

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    Why I Mostly Wear Casual Outfits Now

    It’s interesting to discover that most of my outfits have shifted to be relaxed, minimalist and quite casual. When I moved to Vancouver a few years ago, I was surprised of how casual this…