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  • what-to-buy-on-nordstrom-sale
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    Nordstrom Sale: What To Buy

    We love good sales, especially when they’re designer sales! It’s the best time to secure some of the investment pieces you were looking to buy, or to get those great value pieces to make…

  • spring-17-wardrobre
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    8 Pieces You Should Wear This Spring

    Spring is almost here and if you are anything like us, you can’t wait to put your winter clothes aside! As we step into the flower season I keep seeing some cute spring outfits…

  • french-girl-style-clemence-poesy7
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    Get The Look – French Girl Style

    As Fall is slowly pulling us in with pumpkin flavored lattes, new collections everywhere in stores, and Fashion Weeks in full bloom, we instantly get into the mood to hunt down amazing street style…

  • fall-jacket-sale
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    Fashion Deals For Fall

    Among the perks of having a fashion blog is being in the loop and keeping an eye out on what’s on sale this season and what fashion deals are happening every month or week!…

  • fall-must-haves
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    Fall Capsule Wardrobe

    Following the success of our Spring Capsule , we decided to use the same model for the upcoming season. Planning ahead the items that areΒ a good investment and creating a list of go to…