Spring Layering

Not sure about all of you but we are officially over winter and cold! At least in our minds and in our hearts! Although the temperature has been pretty stubborn these past weeks and didn’t want to show us any higher digits, we can’t stop thinking of refreshing our outfits with new Spring pieces and wearing our lighter layers.

Almost as important as during fall, Spring layering is meant to transition you from winter thicker clothes to more lightweight outfits.

I usually mix a spring / summer piece with a thicker cover-up and try to at least cheer myself up when I am indoors and get to feel like it’s not winter anymore. I am wearing one of my favorite blouses with a wool coatigan. The top is a mix between a silk blouse and a French tunic which I love to wear with denim shorts or suede skirts in the summer.

I like the clash between the feminine style of the top and the edgy crop cut of the coat and ripped black jeans. I wore this to work the other day, so I toned down the look with ankle boots, but this can look really cute with heeled boots or pumps on a fancier night.

Boots  – Jeans –  TopCoatBag

 XO, Liza

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