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Okanagan and Naramata Guide – What to Do, Eat and Drink


We’ve been planning an Okanagan and Naramata guide for a few summers now! Both Carolina and myself wanted to come here a few times to capture the best places and wineries, as well as the best things to do in the area. We will be continually updating this guide to include new findings, so keep and eye on it!

Okanagan is such a beautiful place and as you start seeing the lakes (both Okanagan and Osoyoos) you realize that nature has done a phenomenal job at making this place absolutely breath-taking!

Getting There

The Okanagan region is located approximately 400 km away from Vancouver, in British Columbia very close to Kelowna. You can get here by taking the Trans-Canada Highway 1 and following the signs for Meritt and Kelowna. That will get you there in about 4 hours. Although the road cuts through mountains and valleys, it’s not a difficult drive and the views are really nice. If you find yourself in a sunny day you can also choose to take the scenic route which is a bit longer, 4.5h-5h and goes through the gorgeous Manning Park. I have been on both routes and both are equally good at getting you there. If I were to choose though I would always choose the scenic drive. 🙂

Where to stay in Okanagan

We’ve rented and stayed in various places so far. From Oliver in Osoyoos area, to Fintry (North of Kelowna), Peachland (South-East of Kelowna) and Naramata Bench (close to Penticton). We recommend checking out VRBO first and then Airbnb (use this link to save $50 CAD on your booking!) when renting a place here. We also recommend booking in advance as the best properties tend to sell out fast especially on long weekends. Views are everything when you come to Okanagan and Naramata, so go for a place that has lake views and a BBQ! The extra money will be so worth it!


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Things to do

Visit wineries and go wine-tasting!


Probably the best and most relaxing thing to do in Okanagan is to visit wineries and do wine tastings! Okanagan is famous for having so many vineyards so close to each other, making it the perfect place to do wine tours! Although there are actual wine tour companies offering different packages and driving you around, we recommend going by yourself and choosing a few wineries to visit each day. There are 3 major areas which have the most wineries: Naramata Bench, Kelowna area, and some around the Osoyoos lake.

Best Wineries to Visit in Okanagan And Osoyoos

Some of our favorite wineries in Naramata Bench and Okanagan Lake:

Therapy Vineyards – Some of our favorite wines all therapy and psychology themed. We love the Freudian Sip, and they also have accommodation at the winery!
Joie Farm – Amazing wines and best place to enjoy a pizza and picnic in their orchard (more info below at where to eat!)

Red Rooster – A new favorite. All the wines we tasted at the tastings were extremely good and couldn’t leave without getting a few bottles. The winery is very picturesque too, we’ll be back for sure.
Tightrope  – Always good, we’ve been drinking this wine ever since we moved to Vancouver and can’t get enough.
Serendipity – Cool winery I just discovered, they will be opening a restaurant soon and we can’t wait to check it out.
La Frenz – Great views and good wines, worth a visit.

Elephant Island  – Fruit wines, nothing like you’ve ever tasted! Check out the blackcurrant wine and the fortified wines. I always stack up on them!

Lake Breeze – Another new favorite. We loved the charm and the wine at this boutique winery! They have a restaurant and an amazing view over the lake.

Some of our favorite wineries in and around Kelowna

Mission Hill. This is one winery you have to visit! Although their wine tasting and tours are always so busy, they have amazing views, a great estate to visit, a restaurant and a shop. Great modern art on the grounds too!



Quails Gate. Their wine tour is pretty good and it also includes tasting and a quick lesson on how to taste wine! Tours end at 3pm each day, book in advance!


Summerhill. An eclectic winery, great weeding venue and they also have a restaurant with an awesome view overlooking the winery!

Dirty Laundry. A fun winery to visit! They always have fun events at the winery so make sure you check out their website before you go.

Some of our favorite wineries in Osoyoos

Burrowing Owl. Amazing winery with accommodation. Enjoy great views and wine tasting and they also have a swimming pool and 2 restaurants available.



Black Hills. Boutique fancy winery. Loved the tasting and they also have a restaurant for dinner and tapas.


Blasted Church. We always get their wines in Vancouver and it was great to finally discover the winery! We loved it! They also have a pizza on site through a professional wood fired oven food truck!

Other fun things to do in Okanagan!

Rent a boat. We usually rent a boat for 4 or 6 people from Penticton. It’s not too expensive and it comes with water toys too.


Rent a SUP or Kayak. Stand up paddle boards are really are so much fun. There are several places to get them and it’s a great group activity.

Go for a bike trek adventure in Myra Canyon. There are a lot of bike trails around the Okanagan hills. We absolutely loved Biking through Myra Canyon. It’s a gorgeous trail that follows mountain railtracks with spectacular views! You can rent bikes right at the bottom of the trail. Pack some snack and plenty of water and sunscreen as the trip gets long if you decide to do the entire route. But not to worry, the ride has low-medium difficulty. I was able to bike the entire thing and I am by far a biker!



Naramata Falls. Gorgeous short hike in the park to the falls. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the falls and you can also climb up closer to the falls. Wear good hiking shoes!

Kalamalka Lake: Perfect for hiking and swimming! This lake is spectacular as it turns turquoise during summertime.

The Fintry Estate. Great hike and park between Finrty and Vernon. They also have camping grounds, a beach and a trail up to a sort of waterfall. We’ve spent about 2 hours and it was good to walk off some of the wine tasting! 🙂

Where to eat

Joie Farm. This is the best foodie experience in Naramata in my opinion. I love it here and come back every time I visit Okanagan! They have fire roasted pizzas and gourmet sandwiches, as well as icecream sandwiches. Eating on the grass in their patio is gold! Get one of their wines to make this a really memorable experience!


Grapeleaf Cafe – in Naramata village, great place for lunch or brunch.

Ambrosia – at the Naramata Heritage inn, great for dinner and live music.

Lake Breeze – classy lunch or brunch in the winery. We recommend putting your name down for a patio table and enjoying a wine tasting in the meantime.

Vanilla Pod – We loved the dinner at Poplar Grove winery. Make a reservation as it’s quite popular.

Misconduct Kitchen. Also in winery, go for delicious tapas, lunch or dinner.


Hillside Bistro. Another winery Bistro, they offer brunch and dinner menus.

Legends Distillery. If you need a break from wine, head to Legends Distillery, they have great cocktails, tasty tapas and you can go for either brunch or dinner. It’s also a great place to watch the sunset.

More food in Kelowna

Raudz Regional Table. Haven’t been here yet, but heard only the best things about Raudz especially about their farm to table approach and local ingredients. Will definitely go next time!

Ricardo’s: hidden little restaurant in north Kelowna with great italian food!

Micro Kelowna is part of the Raudz concept. Great drinks and food and garden patio. Definitely worth a visit!

Salted Brick. One of my favorite places to eat in Kelowna. Tapas style restaurant great for lunch or dinner.
We hope you enjoy Naramata as much as we do when we go there! Let us know what are some of your favorite places in Okanagan! Leave us a comment so we can check it out and add to the list.

Love, Liza and Carolina.

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Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Our favorite season is almost here and we can’t wait to make the most out of it! Summer in Vancouver is so amazing that we love to stay here and relish all the city has to offer, sort of like a staycation! We love to go to the beach ( even on weekdays), bike around the Seawall or simply enjoy patio season during one of the long sunny days. We can’t help to start planning how to spend these few months of warmth and, together with it,  our Summer Capsule wardrobe!

Since we don’t get a lot of warm weather here, we find it smart to buy staples that will still look nice in the following year. Chances are your summer dress will still be in mint conditions next summer! 😂 As much as I’d love to go crazy on the new trends, I find that a classic Summer Capsule is always the best way to go!



1. Stripe Dress:  Is there any patter more fresh and classic than blue and white stripes? Combine that with a summer dress and  you’ll get the most flattering look.

2. Straw Boater Hat: from the beach to the city, the boater hat looks super cute with any summer outfit you have in mind!

3. Off-Shoulder top: I feel like we keep repeating this item in our capsules, but what can we do? They are here to stay!


4. Slide Sandals: Following the success of slide loafers, slide sandals will be my go-to shoe this summer! Easy, comfy and chic.

5. Sunglasses: A summer must have, currently I’m loving  the round ones and its bohemian vibe!

6. Tote Bag: Summer calls for a bag that can fit everything in it: bikini, towel, water bottle, sunglasses and even a little jacket. Straw bags are also a great option in and out the beach!


8. Graphic Tee: Summer is the season to get more relaxed and fun. We love to add color and personality to the outfit with a cute tee.

9. Bikini: In my opinion, the best bikini is whichever makes you feel good wearing it! But if you want to know our favorites check this post.

10. Denim skirt : Where classic meets trend! Demin skirts are hotter than ever and we are loving the high waist  + destroyed wash.


What about you, what are the pieces you won’t stop wearing this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

Love, Liza and Carolina.

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It’s The Little Things in Life

We visited the Abbotsford Tulip Festival a couple of weeks ago and it was love at first sight! Being surrounded by rows and rows of colorful tulips was so breathtaking and made me feel like I was a kid again. I almost wanted to jump around and run through the rows of thousands of tulips. I loved it!

Seeing the faces of everyone visiting the tulips that day reminded me just how little we actually need to be happy and how it’s always the little things (or tulips) in life that bring us the greatest joy. I recommend everyone to find these little experiences and seize them. 🌷✨


Love, Liza

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Nordstrom Sale: What To Buy


We love good sales, especially when they’re designer sales! It’s the best time to secure some of the investment pieces you were looking to buy, or to get those great value pieces to make your outfits pop.

Check out our latest post on how to always shop the best items on sale, and make sure the items you invest in are really worth buying. We’ve handpicked some of our favorite things from the Nordstrom Sale this season.

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Style Know-How

How to Always Buy the Best Items on Sale

When it comes to shopping sales, excitement can sometimes play tricks on you and you might get home with more than you planned for! I have to admit, I used to be so tempted to buy things based on the fact that they had a killer price, or that they were the piece of the season. But impulse purchases were the majority of the clothes I ended up returning or giving away, or simply not wearing. In time, I learned to refine the way I shop sales and it’s actually so easy to figure out and apply to your wardrobe too.


Here are my 4 tips for shopping sales in a smart and conscious way!

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Why I Mostly Wear Casual Outfits Now



It’s interesting to discover that most of my outfits have shifted to be relaxed, minimalist and quite casual. When I moved to Vancouver a few years ago, I was surprised of how casual this city was, and I think in time some of this casualness has rubbed onto me as well, and now I mostly wear casual outfits but adapted to my own style.


Although I still dress up most of my looks with various accessories and different trendier pieces, the base of my clothes, about 80%, is made up of classic pieces. It’s not quite a capsule wardrobe, but I have to probably say that I own way less clothes than I used to. I am maybe growing up, or embracing more minimalistic principles, but I am a true believer in the entire “buy less and choose well” revolution, and I still think that denim and a white T-shirt and leather jacket probably make the best outfits in the world.

Some of you have asked me how I let go of so many of my clothes, and I will write a full post explaining how I did it, but I think it all starts with assessing what your lifestyle is, and for what occasions you have to dress up. My work is a casual environment, hence I can wear casual outfits 90% of the time. The rest 10% consists in going out pieces, heels, dresses, or gym clothes.



It’s up to you to identify what this balance looks to you, and then look on making durable, high-quality purchases to fit your own 90%. This makes sense as you will wear them many times, and the cost/wear will be smaller each day. I will dig deeper into this in a future post, but it’s a good reminder to stay true to your style. 😉

Happy Weekend!

♥︎ Liza