Heroines in ReHAB – New Year’s Resolutions



After a day of preparations and a night of embellishment….

you go to sleep smiling and envisioning the most beautiful moments of the evening. You can still feel soft pain from your high-heels and take a peek at your amazing outfit which is now sitting quietly on an armchair. The party might be over, but you will still feel its reverberant effects for a few days. The morning after will embody the clinking of glasses or joyful laughter.

I expect New Year’s Eve caught up with you while you were surrounded by all your lovely people and dancing the golden beats. The champagne couldn’t have been too bad either, even if you drank it from the chic plastic cups!

The post – holiday ERA must bring an evolution in how you see things. You know what are your resolutions and we know ours, but in the end, each year means growing-up and re-imagining the universe we live in. A fresh perspective and a healthy attitude ensure the alignment of the present to fit our current needs and expectations. What 2013 expects is not a uniform you should put on and a shape in which you need to fit, but that unique authentic element which is needed for the entire system to work. And that is only YOU.

This is why we need fresh forces to conquer this year. We suggest the pampering ritual that will rejuvenate even the most dreamy fashionistas, by bringing new miracle powers and to start looking at the would with courage and ambition, starting … right NOW.Porcelain Skin - Makeup TrendsFocus on your skin and complexion after the holidays. Remember that this is also the chilly season and even if you might be sun-bathing now, you still need to look after your hair, skin and keep them ravishing. This means a lot of hydrating and some special products. Glowing skin is not just a Renaissance or Elizabethan feature, but it could be the perfect canvas for a minimalistic and full of vitamin make up. Look for products who are soft and translucent in order to go for a DE-TOX theme and remember beauty is within you, bring it out!

A lavander bath will stimulate your senses and creativity – L’Occitane / Forget about the matte skin foundation and try Extra Virgin Minerals by The Body Shop  and then finish off your model complexion with  Sephora Sculpting Disk / Apply them of course over the best hydrating creme from Clinique and a good primer from MAC / For your hair focuse on vitamin serums from Sabon or an ultra-hydratic butter from The Body Shop.

Now is also the time to invest in yourself. Any sports you love? Or maybe some fashion books maybe?

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