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Rocky Mountains Road Trip – The Perfect 4 Days Itinerary



Ever since I moved to Canada visiting the Rocky Mountains was part of my new year’s resolution. It took me 3 years and 3 friends crossing the world to do it, but I finally checked this item off my bucket list! We planned a girls-only Rocky Mountains Road Trip and nailed the perfect itinerary. As expected it was an spectacular experience and I feel obligated to share.

There were only 4 days and too many places to visit, but we decided to do as much as possible and I don’t regret it at all! We drove about 1,200 kilometres through the Canadian Rockies, but I hardly felt the hours passing. Curve after curve was a breathtaking view with lakes, rivers, mountains capped with snow and eventual wild animals.  Since time was limited, flying from Vancouver to Calgary was the best option. The plane ride is only 40 minutes, but the drive from Vancouver can also be amazing if you have more time. Here is how our adventure started:

Day #1: Calgary – Lake Louise – Jasper

We got our car at airport and headed for the first stop – Lake Louise. A 2 hour drive into Highway #1  will take you to one of the most famous and beautiful lakes in the Rockies. I highly recommend stopping at the Information Centre to get tips for the way and  to buy a parking pass (required anywhere between Banff and Jasper National Parks.)

Lake Louise is just amazing, the beauty is impressive and I could spend the whole day admiring it! There are lots of activities too, such as canoeing, walking around the lake and hiking to view points. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time, so we had to hit the road after a few hours there.

The drive from  Lake Louise to Jasper is an entertainment itself, it takes about three hours to get there, but you can add a few more hours for the stops along the scenic drive. You can pull out literally anywhere you like to admire and take pictures (Bow Lake is an absolute must). Keep an eye on the wildlife, they are very common along the way too – watch out for cars stopped on the sideways, they might have spotted something! Food and gas are pretty much limited, so be prepared before taking off. We decided to stop at Icefield Centre to eat while admiring the Glacier.

By the time we checked in at our hotel in Jasper it was pretty late,  so we went to town only for a walk and dinner. A few places recommended to us were: Famoso Neopolitan PizzeriaThe Raven Bistro and Evil Dave’s Grill.


Lake Louise

Day #2: Jasper – Banff

In the second day we woke early to explore the area around Jasper in the morning and headed back to Banff in the afternoon (while visiting some of the attractions we skipped in day 1). Our first destination was Maligne Lake, we drove for approximately one hour and  saw 4 bears (including a cub) and a family of horned sheep on the way! The lake was very beautiful, but unfortunately it was raining and we couldn’t see its true colour  After a few hours of hiking we headed back to Jasper, stopping for a short walk on Maligne Canyon.

Back in the highway to Banff we went for a short hike in these two jaw-dropping places: the Athabasca Falls and the Sunwapta Falls. Lunch was at Icefield Centre (again)  and dinner in the cute town of Banff. The town is full of shops, cafes and restaurants.



Maligne Lake, Icefields Parkway, Sunwapta Falls, Moraine Lake

Day #3: Banff

We were back on the road early morning on day 3,  driving for approximately 1:30 hours until we reached Moraine Lake. This glacier-fed lake is even more beautiful than its neighbour, Lake Louise.  Just a few steps from the parking lot is this amazing blue lake surrounded by grey mountains topped with snow, you can walk by it or take an easy hike up to the rocks for a breathtaking view. Canoe rentals are also available during summer.

Back to the tiny city of Lake Louise we packed a picnic before heading to the next adventure 38 km north, Peyto Lake, which was hands-down the most beautiful place in the Alberta Canadian Rocky Mountains. I just couldn’t believe the colour of Peyto Lake, the light blue colour can change depending on the position of the sun and clouds, so every time you look at it the colour can be different. The view of the lake gets better the higher you go, so I recommend going for a short hike on the Bow Lake lookout trail. We drove back to Banff through the Bow Valley Parkway for wildlife viewing.

In our last night in Banff we decided to explore the city, browse some shops and toast the end of the trip at Banff Brewery Co.


Peyto Lake

Day #4: Banff – Calgary

The last day unfortunately had to be shorter, we went early morning to hike up a little peak close to downtown Banff before leaving town, the Tunnel Mountain. After going uphill for approximately one hour we were rewarded with this amazing view of Banff and its surroundings. It was a great way of saying goodbye to this amazing place and having one last look at the mountains. Once we were back in the hotel it was time to pack and drive to Calgary.

Moraine-Lake-Rocky-MountainMoraine Lake

We were lucky enough to do almost everything in our itinerary, but if we had more time I’d definitely rent a kayak or canoe to explore the lakes, get a rental bike to ride around Baff and take the Gondola!

I hope this itinerary will be helpful and inspire you to plan a similar trip,  I can’t wait to repeat it!




Instagram Roundup – I



  1.  Dolce Vita Lace Up Sandals – part of our Spring Capsule Wardrobe.
  2. Peonies are our favourite, so are these sneakers.
  3.  Peyto Lake trail, the prettiest view in the Rockies! This North Face jacket is perfect for hiking, light and warm!
  4. Out take on the Chocolate Chia Pudding, check the recipe here!
  5. Friyay outfit! Alexander Wang bag (sold out – similar here), slip dress layered with a white tee, leather jacket and Coach sneakers.
  6.  FWIS  – Stripped tee, boyfriend jeans, ballerina flats.
  7. Sunny day in Portland! Wearing: Buttoned skirt, tank top, Coach bag (similar), white sneakers. Check out our full Portland City Guide
  8. Close up of Liza’s Alexander Wang bag (sold out, but we also love this one! )
  9. Seafood Spagetti Nero at Pink Door – Cute restaurant in Seattle .

5 Tips To Help You Stay True To Your Style

minimal-style-tipsPhoto Credits: Andrea Glaserova


“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” Edna W. Chase

The fashion industry is growing at an exponential rate. A few yeas back we could only rely on fashion magazines and a few other sources for fashion inspiration, but today the internet, or more specifically social media, has a huge impact in our shopping behavior and in the way we dress. We’re constantly being influenced by designers, brands, celebrities and fashion bloggers (yay!). Our feeds as flooded with amazing pictures and although we love being up to date with the latest trends and outfits, it became a real challenge to express ourselves through our clothes. To guide you through this overload of information and help you stay true to your style we listed 5 important tips:

 1. Don’t get sucked into every trend

Trends will come and go, but the clothes in your closet will stay. You don’t have to get into every trend, make smart purchases and invest on trends that are likely to stay a bit longer.  If you’re really into a new tendency ( like the 70’s for instance) try buying only a few pieces and mixing it with what you already have.

 2. Take your lifestyle into consideration.

I’m sure it has happened to you: you fell in love with an amazing pair of shoes, but you never actually worn them. Why? There was no perfect occasion, or it didn’t look quite good with your clothes. Before making a purchase you should picture a few outfits with it and have in mind at least  3 occasions that you know for sure you’ll wear it.

3. Wear only what makes you comfortable

Have you ever worn an outfit that felt more like a costume? Or, did you you ever dress to impress someone with clothes you wouldn’t normally choose? Being confident is the best style advice you can take and if you don’t feel like yourself you won’t feel conformable. Whether your dressing for a date, an interview or a night out with your friends, remember that the way you feel has more impact than the way you dress.

4. Keep a list of items you want to buy, and stick to it. 

Maintaining a running list of the items you want to buy is the key to keep your shopping on track.  Once a new season arrives or whenever you feel like you need new clothes, write it down and stick to it next time you go shopping. It’s also good to review your “Wish List” from time to time and delete whatever you don’t need any more. It sounds silly, but I’ve been doing this for years and it’s been pretty effective, specially when you have  a tendency to impulse shopping 🙂

5. Know how to differentiate inspiration from imitation.

We all love to seek inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram and Fashion blogs. It can be pretty easy to copy an outfit, but in my opinion the fun in fashion comes from creating something different. Our style is a reflection of our personalities and everyone is unique. Whenever you want to recreate a  look, try adding a personal twist to it  with different accessories, a mix of hi-low, a vintage piece or anything else that gives your personal touch!

6. (Bonus tip!)  Borrow before buying.

Your friends are there for you even when it comes to finding your style. It’s a great idea to borrow an item that you really love and try some different outfits before actually acquiring it. (Like we did with the hat in this post!)


Trust your style and stick to these tips!  Here is how we do it 🙂


Carol and Liza



Liza is Wearing: BCBG Trench Coat (similar), Ripped White Jeans (similar)Dolce Vitta Sandals,  Urban Outfitter Hat, Coach Bag  (similar).



Carol is wearing : Striped top (similar), Zara Boyfriend Jeans (similar), Steve Madden Sandals ( we love this new version),  Madewell Tote Bag.