Effortless Denim and Our Tips For Living a Balanced Life

May 28, 2016


With everything that might be going on during weekdays, we just cannot wait for those weekends where we can “just be” without any plans and without any schedules. Multi-tasking has become almost a status quo in today’s reality and we incorporate it as a harmless behavior not realizing how much it can actually impact us.

By the time we figure it out and crave for a vacation, a break or a time off, it’s usually at the point when we are burned out and weekdays just repeat themselves without bringing any real joy. We are guilty of this too, and have been thinking of ways to get back our lives and find live more balanced lives.

Besides making small changes to your weekdays, we really think weekends are meant to recharge and should be your sweet and healthy remedies for a balanced life. The only days where we should just put our agendas on snooze until Monday, and stop our alarm watches without any remorse. Finding balance may be tricky though, when you are running around all week and filling your time with so many things, which although you enjoy, you cannot stop feeling they begin to take control of you.

Ways to Find Balance in Your Life

  1. P R I O R I T I Z E – live intentionally and don’t let others take your time away from you. Make plans on your terms and reduce the activities you are involved in. Simplify your schedule by just removing a redundant task every day or making it differently.
  2. G E T  E N O U G H  S L E E P – we cannot begin to explain how important sleep is to sustain yourself and to find the power to live your dreams. Our tip is to sleep one more hour each night by making it a priority. We have tried this the past 2 weeks and it’s working well – oh, put those phones away!
  3. E X E R C I S E – living beautifully needs to include an active and energized workout routine. Revitalize your health by exercising regularly and always changing up your exercise routine. When you don’t have time, choose to do even a shorter 10-15minute workout, is better than nothing! πŸ˜‰
  4. S O U L   F O O D – fill your life and your daily habits with people you love and things that inspire you. Buy only what you love and remove unnecessary fluff. Donate things you haven’t used or worn in 2 years. Embrace minimalism and take pleasure in simplicity. Travel, read, drink wine. Smile more, laugh loudly and bring positive vibes wherever you go.
  5. A  H A P P I N E S S  P R O J E C T – Create and be part of a concept, a project or a passion that you can use as your go-to for the moments when you’re down or need a confidence boost. It could be a blog, a DIY side-project, playing the piano, training for a marathon, or even getting involved in a cause. Use the project to fuel your mind with happy and positive thoughts and just give it your best. Chances are it might grow and you can make it your full-time thing! πŸ™‚
  6. E N J O Y  T H E  S M A L L  T H I N G S   M O R E – You already know this: happiness is not a destination, but a journey! Make a habit to enjoy every moment with yourself and your loved ones like it’s so very precious, because it actually is.






Wearing: Massimo Dutti Laceup Flats (similar here, here and here), Rag and Bone Jeans (similar here and here), Wilfred Sweater (similar here and here) , Alexander Wang Bag .

Most Wanted

Rebecca Minkoff Spring Sample Sale Favorites

May 10, 2016

We woke up this week to great news: Rebecca Minkoff’s Sample Sale!

We’ve been obsessing over some of their bags as seen here and here, so we couldn’t be more excited with these amazing deals in their website with up to 70$ off! If you’re anything like us, you won’t miss this chance to snatch a cute handbag, a trendy dress or some fine jewellery. So stop everything you’re doing and come check these goodies before their gone! Your only concern should be which colour of handbag to get!  <3


Here are our top picks from the sale!


sample-sale-spring-2016-rebecca-minkoffIsobel Saddle Bag  ( $325 now $148 )

Micro Perry Satchel ($295 now $148)

Micro Moto Satchel ($195 now $98)

Regan Satchel ($325 now $165)

Diana Dress ($278 now $138)

XOX Charm Necklace ($58 now $18)